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YouTube TV subscribers will need to pay $64.99 every month as YouTube has increased the subscription price again. Is YouTube TV services worth it?

YouTube has increased subscription prices once again for YouTube TV. Now, it will cost $64. 99 every month to the subscribers of YouTube TV if they want to enjoy their favorite content. Initially, when Youtube was launched, it was only a platform where people post their videos. With time, it became a  lucrative hub for advertisements and content creators. On the contrary, YouTube TV was launched in the year 2017 with a monthly subscription of $35.


Since its launch, YouTube has been raising the subscription prices of YouTube TV steadily. Last year, the subscription prices rose to $50 every month. While increasing its subscription prices at that time, YouTube TV cited the reason that it is offering many more channels than before. This time also YouTube TV is citing the same reason responsible for raising the subscription price. However, Youtube TV is expanding its channel lineup even further after including channels like Food Network, Discovery Network, and PBS.

According to the official blog of Youtube, the streaming service has added many new channels such as Comedy Central, BET, MTV, CMT, TV Land, Paramount Network, and VH1. Further, YouTube says not all the newly added channels are coming at the platform, and it will add some more channels later. However, the subscribers will need to pay $64.99 every month to access even the traditional channels. The price rise is going to affect both existing and new subscribers as the changes will take place. However, the existing subscribers will encounter a rise in subscription price when they turn up to pay from next month.

YouTube TV: Better Features are Coming

YouTube has added many new features and channels to YouTube TV recently. These new features include the introduction of dark mode, sorting out watched stories, and accessing news stories more quickly. Moreover, the subscribers will be able seven days before whatever is coming up along with getting enhanced control over recorded programs. The most significant among all these features is the ability to view the key plays in the news cycle conveniently. This will help the subscribers to sort out the important one and skip the similar one news. While looking at the new features and channels, the price rise was quite inevitable. However, the subscription price of &64.99 for YouTube TV is somewhat quite expensive.

According to the official blog of YouTube, it has been claimed that YouTube TV offers three concurrent streams and unlimited storage space with DVR along with six accounts to each household. Also, it has been claimed that the streaming service is only the platform to offer such a wide range of facilities.  However, arguments in a home to watch the show does not mean that they are forced to pay $65 every month. Since the changes in subscription price is going to take place immediately and so the users will need to decide quickly over its worth. When people are staying at home due to lockdown conditions dependent on several entertainment services to spend their time, they will find it very exciting to get excess of these additional features and channels.


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Increasing demand and advancement of technology has created a need for cybersecurity. One cannot imagine their day without computer, internet, email or other cyber stuff. But, the cyber world is full of threats, different kinds of attacks, snooping and malicious software. So we need a special security system which can protect our cyberspace from any attack and malfunctioning. Norton antivirus offers complete protection against any digital threat. If anyone wants to safeguard their computers, then they should go to norton com setup. |


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Download or Setup an Account –

Above all else, comprehend that setting up a Norton account is certainly not an unpredictable procedure. You simply need to visit ment by means of internet browser and afterward tap in the “Sign In” alternative present on the highest point of the website page.
You will be diverted to a page that will give both of you alternatives: Log in and Sign up. On the off chance that you are another client, simply click on the “Join” choice and adhere to the on-screen directions.


Install Norton device security |

Sign in to your record or make another record to introduce Norton gadget security on any bolstered personal computer, PC, cell phone, or tablet.

On the off chance that you purchased Norton gadget security in a retail location or in the event that you have an item key that isn’t yet enlisted to your record, read Download your Norton item bought from a retail location.

On the off chance that you have gotten your Norton item from your specialist organization, at that point read Install Norton from or your specialist organization.

Norton Account Sign In & Set Up |

Nonetheless, in the event that you have bought Norton arrangement through the retail shop, at that point you will get the item key on the rear of the recovered card that you will get in the antivirus bundle that you get. To enter the Product key you simply need to right off the bat, introduce the enter product key Norton arrangement or from the official site and once the document is introduced, open Norton by double tap on its symbol on the work area. Presently, click on the “Actuate” choice and enter the Norton Product Key from the email and afterward click on the “Norton items and Subscription”.

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According to the published streaming analytics, the reveal of the PlayStation 5 and the upcoming game showcase boasted a massive number of viewers watching the live event, and it was the first time ever in the company’s history.


Sony’s “Future of Gaming” live stream was a very highly anticipated event within the gaming industry because it was going to lead to the launch of the PlayStation 5, and after it was delayed due to its coming in solidarity with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, it became the highest liked gaming tweet of all time, and that is saying something. And the anticipation that was built up throughout the time of waiting was surely led to fruition by the sheer number of viewers of the big video game showcase and console reveal. The esports charts even reported that the event peaked at nearly 7.3 million viewers, the first of its kind.

E-sports Charts is a service that analyses trends in esports events and streaming in general, says there were 10,628,719 hours of content watched for the PS5 event alone. Its viewer count includes over 1.1 million people who watched the pre- and post-shows held by The Game Awards creator Geoff Keighley as part of his Summer Game Fest that was hosted live through YouTube Gaming.

The anticipation was built between the period after the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X was announced, and other factors like the coronavirus pandemic canceling live shows like e3, and the sheer number of games that Sony had announced during its other events, it makes sense how much anticipation was built in the fanbase, and therefore it also makes sense the number of viewers that the Livestream garnered. It sure has been some time since the announcement and the event but people are still talking about it, there are memes being made on the console design varying from the new console looks like a Wi-Fi router to it looking like a white fur coat with its collar popped up.

The spread of the PlayStation 5 throughout the internet can also be attributed to something else other than the huge number of viewers that it has during the Livestream, and Between a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, a new Ratchet & Clank, a follow-up to Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, Resident Evil 8, and a remake of Demon’s Souls with new game modes are only a few of the games that fans are looking forward to in the new console. And there is much more content for prospective fans out there.

Having all that get out of the way, there are still a lot of things on the table regarding Sony’s next-generation console the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 has a lot of things going on for it, and some things never were done before too. At the announcement for the next-generation console, it was also announced that there would be another PlayStation 5 console that will be launched that will focus only on people playing games digitally and the gamers that prefer it. It will come with a few different features than the normal console. The second console is said to come out with accessories like a camera and a controller charging station. Another thing that was kept as a surprise was probably the biggest question there is, the price of the console was kept hidden and not announced.

Although that key detail of the price is missing, Sony was completely successful at hyping up the release and the overall status of the PlayStation 5 and the gaming community. The sheer number of viewers that the live stream got can be measured up as success of the event, and it was astronomical and PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has teased more PS5 reveals, saying that he will be coming back to change your mind if you are not already convinced or are on the fence to buy their next-generation console.


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Autofill can be defined as the dedicated framework that manages communication efficiently between the different apps of Android and Autofill. Android autofill improves the user experience by saving not only their personal information and addresses but also passwords and payment methods. The framework is connected to all apps of Google, including Google Pay and Google Maps along with the password manager of Chrome. If the users are using some other password manager rather than Chrome then also they can add the password manager to Autofill, but the service should be only one at a time.


Here is the whole process to enable the Autofill along with adjusting its settings on Android. The method also includes the steps to edit the information saved by Google.

Ways to customize and turn on Android Autofill

It is quite easy to adjust the settings of Autofill along with enabling and disabling them. You will need to follow the below given few steps to customize it:-

  • First of all, go to Settings and tap on it.
  • Now, click on the option System and then click on Language and Input.
  • Further, you will need to expand the appearing section by clicking on Advanced.
  • Now, you will need to click on Autofill service.
  • Click again on the option Autofill service.

Note: When you will click on the Autofill service, then your device screen will start displaying either None or the name of any app that you are using. Further, a list containing several apps will be presented to you to Autofill. The users can also add password managers in the app list.

  • Now, click on the option Add service.
  • Note: In case, the users are selecting option None, then the autofill service will be disabled.
  • When you choose the Password Manager,  you will be prompted to a message asking for your confirmation.
  • Click on OK to show your trust.

Ways to Manage the Settings of Google Autofill

The settings window will appear only when the users will select Google in the above-given steps. If you are not choosing the password manager of any third party, then the Settings will not appear to do any adjusting. Here are the whole steps to edit and add your data in Autofill:-

  • First of all, go to the Settings section and tap on it.
  • Once you click on it, it will start displaying your primary user accounts along with associated phone numbers.
  • Click on Account and then click on the option. Continue if the authentic email address is displaying.

Note: If the email address displaying is not correct, then you can click on the arrow indicating down direction appearing to the user id. Here, you can select another suitable address. If you are not able to find it, then it can be added to it.

  • After enabling Autofill with the screen of Google, you will find several settings to do with Autofill such as addresses, personal information, payment methods, and also passwords. The users can modify their addresses, personal information, and methods of payment.
  • You can edit your personal information including your email, name, work history, education, sites, gender, profiles, and birthday. Click on the icon of Pencil to edit any of the required information.
  • You can click on Addresses to save it to Google Maps or to move it to any other place.
  • Click on Payment Methods option to connect it to Google Play.
  • Click on Passwords if you want to connect it to the password manager of Google.
  • The users, while clicking on Passwords, can enable options such as Auto-sign and saving passwords. Also, the users can enable any other site to save their passwords which have earlier been blocked.
  • Further, the users can click on the option. Add more if they wish to add passwords manually.

Delete Your Autofill Data on Android in This Way

Apart from editing Autofill Data on Android, the users can also delete their data which they think is incorrect. If the users are using the password manager of the third party, then the passwords can be removed directly and instantly. If the users are using Google app, then you will need to follow the following steps to delete your personal data:-

  • Go to the Settings and open it.
  • Start scrolling down until you find the option System and tap on it.
  • Now, you will find the option Language and Input, click on the option.
  • Further, click on the section Advanced to get it expanded.
  • You will be redirected to the section Autofill service, tap on it.
  • Now, Click on the section appearing as Settings.
  • Click on the options, Addresses, Personal information, Passwords, and Payment methods simultaneously.
  • On the screen showing the option Personal Information, click on the icon of Pencil and start deleting the information required to be removed.
  • Once the data are removed, click on OK.
  • While deleting Addresses, tap on the option, and then click on the icon on Pencil again.
  • The sign of X will appear just next to the address, click on X to remove the address you want.
  • If you want to delete Payment Methods, then go to the screen and click on Remove appearing next to your Account or credit card.
  • To delete the Passwords, go to the screen indicating Passwords and click on it.
  • Click on the website you wish to remove and then click on the option Delete.
  • You will confirm the removal by clicking on the Delete on the message.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


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Though there are so many issues that arise in Xbox. But, Error code 0x97e107df could be the most irritating one. It affects the complete usability of the Xbox console. Users will not be able to run their games and other applications. While using your Xbox and running programs, if your console is also displaying an error message with Error Code 0x97e107df, then this article will help you to get rid of it.

Here is how to troubleshoot the Error code 0x97e107df in Xbox:

·      Check your Xbox Live Services

·      Check and test your network connection

·      Log out your Xbox account and log in again

·      Try hard resetting your Xbox console

These solutions will help you fix the annoying Error code 0x97e107df and once again you will be able to use your console as earlier. Just use these troubleshooting solutions on the console showing the Error code 0x97e107df issue. Here is how.

Check your Xbox Live Services

In order to check the service status of your Xbox Live, you need to go to the Xbox website or Xbox official account on Twitter. Therefore, you need to use a computer to visit it and check your Xbox Live services.

1.   Open a browser on any device you can use.

2.  Check the Xbox website or Twitter account.

3.   On both platforms, you can check complete details about your Xbox Live services status.

Check and test your network connection

If you don’t find the first solution helpful, then you can check and try troubleshooting your network connection. However, in order to fix problems with your network, your Xbox should be connected through a wired connection rather than wireless. If it already is, then you can start running diagnostics with the below steps.

Steps to run diagnostics:

1.   Start your Xbox.

2.   Now, hold your controller and click the ‘Xbox’ button.

3.   From the guide, select ‘Settings.’

4.   Then go to ‘All Settings.’

5.   Select ‘Network.’

6.   And go to ‘Network Settings.’

7.   Now, Start ‘Test next connection’.

Now, you may have to reset your MAC address.

Steps to reset MAC address:

1.   Go back to ‘Settings.’

2.   And open the ‘All Settings’.

3.   Select ‘Network’

4.   And then go to ‘Advanced Settings.’

5.   Select an ‘Alternate MAC address.’

6.   Select ‘Clear.’

7.   Now, restart your Xbox to apply changes.

Log out your Xbox account and log in again

You can try removing and re-adding your Xbox account. Here is how.

1.   Start your Xbox.

2.   Now, click the ‘Xbox’ button on your Xbox controller.

3.   Select ‘Home.’

4.   Now, highlight your gamerpic to select your account.

5.   And then select ‘Log out.’

6.   After removing your account, close ‘Settings.’

7.   And restart your Xbox.

8.   Repeat the same process and login with your account again.

Now, see if this troubleshoots the Error Code 0x97e107df in your Xbox.

Try hard resetting your Xbox console

Hard resetting an Xbox console is very simple and helps in to troubleshoot various error code issues. Here is how can you hard reset your Xbox console.

1.   In order to hard reset your console, your Xbox should be turned on. If your console is not, then turn it on before performing the further steps.

2.   Now, Press your Xbox’s ‘Power’ button and hold it for at least 10 seconds or even more until your Xbox shuts down.

3.   Don’t press the ‘Power’ button just after your console shuts down. Wait for at least one or more minutes.

4.   Now, press your console’s ‘Power’ again to turn it on.


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Snapchat, as well as Google Pixel both are popular devices and services. They roll out regular updates to gives their users the best experience. But, several third-party applications can create problems. Although Google Pixel 2 is running on the Android operating system, it doesn’t have lots of bloatware like other Android devices. This means, unlike other Android smartphones and tablets, runs perfectly with any app, Google Pixel 2 can’t. Unauthorized third-party apps can create problems in Google Pixel 2. If the Snapchat app crashes and displays an error message saying “Unfortunately! Snapchat has stopped” when you launch it on your Pixel 2, then you can try these tricks.


·      Try rebooting your Pixel 2

·      Clear cache and data from the Snapchat app

·      Remove Snapchat completely and reinstall

Here is how to troubleshoot Snapchat crashing issue in Google Pixel 2

Try rebooting your Pixel 2

Such problems are most likely to be caused by firmware glitches, and rebooting the device will fix them. If Snapchat was running correctly earlier but starts crashing suddenly, then firmware or app glitches could be the reason behind it. Try opening the Snapchat for two-three times with all applications and programs closed. If this doesn’t work, then try rebooting your Pixel. Shut down your device completely and restart after a minute. Now without starting any other application, launch Snapchat. If this works, try running the app a few times to see if it still crashes.

Unfortunately, if the problem still arises, try force restarting your Pixel. A force restart is more effective than a normal reboot. Doing so refreshes your Pixel 2 with the entire installed application and services.

Clear cache and data from the Snapchat app

Maybe the app is crashing due to an incorrect configuration, settings, or files. Clearing cache and data from the application reset everything to the default value. Here is how to clear cache and data from the Snapchat app in Google Pixel 2.

1.   Unlock your device and open all apps screen by tapping on the ‘Up Arrow’ icon.

2.   Go to ‘Settings.’

3.   Select ‘Apps & Notification.’

4.   Then select ‘See all apps.’

5.   Scroll and select the Snapchat from the list.

6.   Touch on ‘Force stop.’

7.   Then touch on ‘OK.’

8.   Touch ‘Storage’ and select ‘Clear cache.’

9.   Next, touch on ‘Clear data’ and select ‘OK.’

This will remove everything from the Snapchat. Now, launch the ‘Snapchat’ app and check if it still crashes. You may now need to sign in again to access your Snapchat account.

Remove Snapchat completely and reinstall

Updating the app works most of the time and fixes the app crashing issue. You can also try updating the Snapchat app if this troubleshoots the Snapchat crashing issue in your Google Pixel 2, that’s good. Unluckily, if not, then remove the Snapchat completely from your device and then reinstall. Here is how.

1.   Open ‘App & notifications’ in the Settings.

2.   Select ‘See all apps.’

3.   Select ‘Snapchat’ from the list.

4.   And touch on ‘Uninstall.’

5.   Then touch ‘OK’ to confirm. This will remove the Snapchat completely from your device.

6.   Now, close ‘Settings’ and open ‘Play Store’ app.

7.   Search ‘Snapchat’ and install it.

Now, launch the app and use it. I hope these simple solutions will troubleshoot the Snapchat crashing issue in your Google Pixel 2.


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Digital Extremes brings good tidings for Warframe lovers! The “always ready to impress” Warframe has received a great expansion lately with the Deadlock Protocol. The update has everything new and fresh brimming. The freshly added features include an all-new Warframe, superb modular tools and weapons, and a strong storyline that begins the quests to overhaul. Moreover, graphical updates and fine mechanical adjustments to the game environments, act as an icing to the cake.


The excited players will experience a different storyline in the new update. The story revolves around the quest of Nef Anyo to look for the heir of Parvos Granum, founder of Corpus’ merchant cult. Other add-ons talk about the introduction of Granum Crowns, a new and effective currency. This currency will let the players begin with tiered challenges to earn more loot. Unique orbiter decorations are something that will captivate gazes for long.

Protea, the newest Warframe, is bringing in all the excitement for the update.  She is the young face of the Deadlock Protocol. She is all armed with a myriad of cool gadgets, a flying dual-cannon turret, an amazing fan of grenades, and a dispensary for the troublesome moments that can provide health, ammunition, and energy. What’s “oh so special” about the newest update includes the Temporal Anchor, which lets Protea go back in time to avoid damages. With this, players may find the resemblance of the Tracer.

The list of add-ons and updates doesn’t end here. A new murder mystery, the next Nightwave series is yet to come. The quests in a murder plot are getting all the needed hype, and more chances to rank up and receive Nightwave rewards are awaited. Millions of eyes are looking up to it, as it may disclose the identity of the Cephalite serial-killer.

New weapons never fail to add thrill and taste to the plot. Never-seen-before modular kit gun primary weapons make it possible for other customizations. How these weapons may change the gameplay, is nothing but an interesting question to explore for the keen players. Furthermore, dojo decorations, a new MOA companion, and skins are other buzzing things to talk about.

What players admire the most is the light-hearted attitude of the Warframe team. The latest April Fool prank by the community is a great example of their fun-to-go nature. It also throws light on the friendly rivalry between the Warframe community and Destiny 2. More jaw-dropping updates are expected from the former. For now, the Deadlock Protocol is enough to captivate our attention, at least for some time. If you have finished the Vox Solaris quest, then Protea is your next milestone.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at



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Facebook automation software is a tool to automatically maintain your Facebook brand page and keep it tedious, more efficiently and effective. However, this doesn’t mean that one should automate every activity on Facebook. A good Facebook automation about automating administrative actions so that one can focus on producing good and engaging content. While bad Facebook automation can make you look like a spammer and get you blocked, a good one can help you save time and improve your connection with your community. That’s why we have 8 Facebook automation tools to help you save time.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows you to upload posts in bulk and you can schedule up to 350 Facebook posts in advance. You can automate a lot of management tasks on Facebook and can also create custom streams for social listening. It gives you automated reporting as well. Get access to high quality, on-brand content quickly with the content library. This way, you can create new posts rapidly. Hootsuite also allows you to automatically boost your performing content.

Hootsuite also has a tool called Hootsuite Inbox with which you can manage all your social media chats in one place. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever, it’s one place for all. You can tag and categorize messages and also assign responses.

2. AdEspresso

It’s a truly talented player that auto-creates a mixture of ad combinations based on the elements you are testing. You can also test a preset combo. It allows you to select your audience, be it single or multiple, to try your ads. It’s the best A/B testing tool for Facebook ads.

3. Facebook Business Manager

This is the ultimate space to deal with your business assets. You can do almost everything here, along with tracking and reporting on Facebook ad performances. This also allows you to give access to partners or coworkers.

4. Chatfuel

Want to manage your Facebook chats easily. This is a chatbot that you can just integrate to automate your Facebook inbox and it will do your work. Due to its drag-and-drop interface, it requires no coding.

5. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is the monitoring engine that scans the entire web, be it blogs, news, articles, or any other source, to find out about your brand, competitors, or keywords. It pulls out all this information and presents it to you right into your Hootsuite dashboard.

6. BrandFort

It’s the partner you need in your business to bring positivity to our account. It’s Artificial Intelligence and content moderator combines together to detect and hide complaints, hate, and spam. It makes your brand page look clean and best.

7. Magento

The Magento is the Facebook Product Catalog Synchronization plugin that drags catalog products onto Facebook, automatically. It also formats them to make it neat and tidy for the page.


It helps you do wonders with all your social media accounts. IFTTT stands for If This Than That and links various actions and recipes together so that starting one action will kick start all of them. Like, you can set your Instagram profile picture to change every time you update Twitter, or you can save all your Facebook status in your Google Drive.

If put to use correctly, Facebook Automation tools can work like magic for your brand page. So make the most out of it without overusing it to create loss and danger for your page.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at


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First covered by Macrumors, Apple users are reporting serious problems with their iPhone displays saying that a weird green tint colors the whole display with a swampy hue. While some face this issue only in low light, for others, it stays shortly when the iPhone is unlocked. Many other users have also said that the unusual green color is permanent. It is claimed that the issue may have arisen due to a recent iOS update, while Apple has accepted that this might be a hardware fault. People are taking platforms like Reddit, tech forums and other social media to showcase their display problem in the iPhones and iPads.


iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are severely affected and even going back to iPhone X won’t solve the problem as the issue may be due to bad OLED displays which are common in these iPhones. The problem started with iOS 13.4 and then became worse for iOS 13.5 and 13.5.1. Some reports also say that for many new buyers, the problem was the same since the day they unboxed their iPhone. People are also able to get rid of the tint by restarting or rebooting their iPhones but it worked only for few.

While it’s skeptical about how this problem would be solved but it appears that Apple can fix it. As brought into light by Apple, taking a screenshot and viewing it on a different display does not change the greenish tint. Hence, it’s indicated that it is not a problem at the software level and that it might be a combination of both hardware and software issues. Acknowledging the trouble, in some cases, Apple has also allowed the official resellers to replace the displays, under warranty. Suspicions are, that a bad batch of OLED displays was used in the iPhones which, impacted by an underlying change in the recent iOS update resulted in the bizarre green tint. Affected people claim that the problem is the same with Apple’s new iOS 13.5.5 beta, and hence, the time it will take and the mode it will choose, to fix the fault is unknown.

Though the newly launched iOS 14’s inclusivity will help Apple buy some time, yet it’s under constant pressure due to the arising complaints as such kind of issue is very rare and even difficult for Apple to understand and solve it.

Sam John  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at