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If you want to reminisce about your old days of 2D gaming or if you are a beginner and would like to start your gaming with a light roguelike game, then Spelunky 2 will be perfect for you. If you are well aware of the previous version, then this new part will come as a surprise to you. This time you will have to join Ana and her friends to unravel the secrets of the vastness of the moon and the deadly caverns beneath it. Ana is the courageous daughter of the explorer of the previous game. 


As you will travel through the dense forests, underground tunnels, and lava-filled hollows, you will encounter more obstacles in your way in the form of bats, cave dwellers, ghosts, and indestructible lizards. It would be best to stay alert to escape the labyrinth of traps that seeks to crush and mutilate you at every step. Your main focus must be on escaping alive with the maximum of your rewards. 

The main focus of the game and your top most priority should be the following:

  • Be vigilant all the time as the levels keep changing their themes every time you die. 
  • Use weapons like bombs and explosives to destroy your enemies and create your way to find the exit.
  • Find the rideable mounts to escape the dangerous traps and speed through every level. 
  • You can bring up to three companions to collaborate with you in running the level or companions who can sacrifice themselves for each other.

The game starts with you assuming the role of Ana. Ana has journeyed to the moon in her parents’ search, who went missing while searching through the moon’s caverns. The opening of Spelunky 2 might seem like the first part. There will be some bombs and a whip with you and a rope to climb the ceilings of inaccessible heights. There might also be resemblance in some creatures with the previous version, such as snakes, bats, spiders, etc. You will be surprised to see the similarity of the background with the underground cavern. 

As the game progresses, it will bring new surprise elements. You will come across the robots that turn into bombs if you push a button on their heads. You will also encounter some ladybugs that spray fire from their massive wings and cavemen who throw boomerangs. The exciting feature of the game is that each time you die and come back, there will be new obstacles and themes in the game. Lack of repetition makes the game all the more intriguing. After crossing the first biome, you will get the choice between the jungle and robot volcano. Each of them has a different set of rules and environments.

You will notice certain changes in the controls like running is set by default. But it would help if you held the button to slow down your speed. All other controls are terrific such as jumping on the tiny part of the land, leap above the pits and pools of lava. All these moves will take time to get used to, but the platforming will be close to perfection once you are pro in executing these moves.

Some points of the game might disappoint you, such as you cannot jump high or your whip brings you closer to the enemies. Many unpredictable traps punish falls, which means the longer you are in the air, the higher your death chances. Since the danger is lurking at every step, you need to take calculated steps. If possible, take some time to analyze the situation before taking the next step.  There is a small tutorial in Spelunky 2 to make you understand the jumping, swinging, climbing, or bomb-throwing. It would be better to understand these basics before beginning your adventure. Spelunky 2 does a commendable job in giving us all the information you might need in the game.

Even if you are a pro player in the previous part, this new game is full of new biomes that bring new challenges and keep the adventurous spirit alive. At the beginning of the game, you would not know where to stand and which of the enemies will attack. But with time, you will master all these points, and after that, it will be satisfying to ace the challenge. For the side quests, you can help the NPCs by digging shortcut tunnels for the next stages. That will allow you to leapfrog earlier from the game.

Some other mind-blowing additions to the game are mounts. These creatures take the double jump and move quickly. Some can even attack that makes you run fast. But there is a reward that increases your health for killing them. For example, there is Rock Dog, a pink color goat that breathes fire, but you can take it or purchase it from the store. Their positive points are that they can tank any damage for you, thereby giving you a second chance. Overall, the challenges are enticing enough to bring you back to the game again and again.

There is no doubt that the first part of the Spelunky was fantastic, but Spelunky 2 has definitely an improved version. All the controls, procedural generation of levels, and exciting themes are better than the before. Since it is a long game, it will take time to discover the game’s hidden secrets and dark paths. Although the game is all about enjoying the moment, as much as you might be excited to reach the end, the game’s highlight is winning each level.

Interesting Points

  • Outstanding controls and platforming give you full control of the game.
  • Applying tactical moves is rewarding.
  • Winning each biome brings a sense of achievement.
  • A significantly well-improved version of its previous part.
  • Lack of repetition saves the game from becoming monotonous.

Boring Points                                                    

  • Unpredictable traps might kill you, and you have to start again.
  • Details of the environment are challenging to figure out.
  • Lack of a proper storyline makes it challenging to understand the concept of the game.

Alessia Martine is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at


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Tom Holland starrer is a misfiring hiatus in a string of successful originals. Even the brand name of Netflix, Robert Pattinson, and Tom Holland couldn’t save Antonio Campos’s gigantic mess.

There is not a single character in this logical fluster cuck to root for. Antonio Campos was smart when selecting his cast but not so with the script he chose to portray on screen. The film is merely an assembly of tragedies and scenes than anything deep that Campos was hoping to derive. The film could have been so much better if the creators had paid more attention to Donald Ray Pollock’s novel which was a terrific portrayal of interwoven lives that come together to share a spellbinding kaleidoscope of suffering, sins, and tragedy. The film lacks a subliminal connect from the word go which was required for it to become a sensation; Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson are the only positive thing from the entire film who in their own power tried their level best to make something out of a messy story.

There are many disparate characters whose fate is interconnected, and the film introduces each one to us, but it becomes a colossal and monotonous mess when it just takes too long to finally reach some sort of conclusion.

Although Campos does have a strong resume and has done well in his other independent films like “Afterschool”, “Simon Killer”, and “Christine” but his virtuosity is never seen in the film. “The Devil All the Time” remains a horrible nightmare from start to end.

The film’s most engrossing moments come from two extremely talented actresses Mia Wasikowska of “Maps to the Stars” fame and Elza Scanlen (Little Women), but both of them have been criminally underwritten.   

Well, at the end of the film, a general consciousness will tell you that writers Antonio and Pablo Campos were very perplexed on how to treat the story and ultimately decided to play a hunch, a hunch which misfired massively. They did have the passion, but they lacked requisite skill that is essential while creating an omniscient fiction. Editor Sofia Subercaseaux had a difficult job on her hand, making some sense out of some bunch of dark scenes without any logical continuity whatsoever, she did her job, but the quality of the film is still very down. Non-linear elements in the story did nothing about the emotive aspect of the film and just made the film unnecessarily confusing. It is understandable that not every book can be adapted into films, but you don’t need to embark on a venture which you feel will not work, considering Netflix’s name attached to the film, Campos could have very well gone for a tv series in order to treat the story more accurately.

Furthermore, a film is always about intelligent compromise, and a story that has so many characters who have their own story arch should always be a deal-breaker for shorter formats of story-telling. It just doesn’t work. It would have been better if Campos had chosen to make a “Game of Thrones” with the story that he had. Anyways, the film is available to stream on Netflix, and if you are a fan of Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson, you can give it a go, but if you are looking for good gothic fiction, you may choose to sit this one out.

Alessia Martine is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at



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One of the main reasons responsible for the popularity and success of Netflix is the amazing advanced features that it offers to its users. And along with this, it has crossed the region and the language barrier to deliver the best content to its users worldwide. It has always provided its users with the best viewing experience. And now, to boost your experience more than ever, you can customize the Netflix subtitles as per your preferences. According to many Netflix users, they don’t like how subtitles appear natively on their screen. And fortunately, there is a way to customize them. There are millions of people who use this excellent streaming platform, and at this level, the company has managed pretty well to keep up with its reputation. So, now getting back to the main point, do you also want to customize the subtitles on Netflix? 

Do you also want to know how you can do that? If yes, then, this report will guide you regarding this topic. Here, in this article, we have provided the procedure that you can apply to customize the subtitles on Netflix for a better viewing experience. So, go on and keep reading the article to know more.  

The Procedure to Customise Netflix Subtitles for the Best Streaming Experience

If you want to customize the Netflix subtitles, but don’t know the way to do so, then follow the below-mentioned steps. The steps are easy to go through that anyone can follow. So, here’s what you need to do to customize Netflix subtitles:

  • To start with this procedure, open the Netflix app on your device and go to the Profile icon.
  • After this, select the option of “Account’ from the drop-down menu. And then, under the “Profiles and Parental Controls” option, you will need to choose the profile for which you are going to customize the subtitles.
  • And now, click on the “Change” option that you will see placed next to the Subtitle Appearance option.
  • A new window will open on your screen where you can preview the changes that you will make.
  • Here, you can change the font by clicking on the drop-down menu under the option of “Fonts”. 
  • To select the color of the subtitle, you will need to click on the Colour Selector tool. And from here, you can choose any color as per your choice.
  • You can also add a drop shadow to your subtitle by using the “Shadow” option. Here, you can try different options of the shadow for your subtitles.
  • If you want to add a background to your subtitle window, you can use the Window color option for that.
  • Most importantly, to change the subtitle language, click on the subtitle icon that you will find at the bottom of your screen.

So, now, with this, you know how you can customize the subtitles on Netflix to have the best viewing experience. This is the easiest method to enhance your experience. Go now and try out these steps. And to get more information like this, please stay connected to us and take a tour of our website.

Alessia Martine is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet, and new media. She writes for Microsoft products at


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ms office is one of the most accommodating suites for administering word records, making presentations, regulating data in spreadsheets, arranging postcards, and anything is possible from that point. you can download, present, and arrangement office applications through the working environment course of action passage by opening concerning features and execution, there is no other benefit programming suite that can organize microsoft office

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If anyone desires to get Office on their device, they can reach the site at The latest edition of Office is available for the users, and one can easily reach the official link to avail it.

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Web hosting services refers to the service that provides the required technologies for websites. The user of the services can access their domain names in their web browser. You will need to build a website with a web hosting service so that your domain name can get registered. However, a lot of users prefer shared web hosting because they will be able to share their server with other users running their websites from the hardware, and their customers will get personal physical servers for their own use. It makes the shared web hosting cost-effective.



You can also join free web hosting providers services, but there is a very minimal chance of them working properly and securely. They don’t take any responsibility for anything that goes wrong, and don’t even fulfill all your necessities. Web Hosting Services can, apparently, be expensive, but there are always some cheap alternatives and deals for each service.

We have listed some of the best web hosting services for your website that you can get this year at the most affordable price.... Read more.


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ms office has led the working attribute of office premises to whole new extent. The promising software first came into existence into the early 90s and yet keeps on continuing. Microsoft constantly developed a new Office version. Hence, the latest Office tool is in the market with whole new mesmerizing tools, including more advanced MS-Word, Power point, and Excel.The downloading, installation, and activation of MS Office can be done easily through

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the focal clarification of why ms office is renowned is, it tends to be effectively utilized beginners and doesn't require a lot of training for straightforward adjustments. additionally, it works a lot quicker than different projects. you need gifted information just in the event that you need very good quality arranging of the archives, while, with different projects, you have to have the expert information to do even basic altering. go now and download, introduce, and activate ms office, by means of

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Twitter, with its wide user base, is easily one of the leading social media platforms today. You can build up a large following on Twitter; however, a large following doesn’t necessarily guarantee a lot of engagement. Be it any platform or social media, engagement is key. With more than 321 million users who are active on Twitter, there is immense potential for business marketing and growth. This article talks about a few tips and tricks that will help you make the most of this platform. download (1) Why Is Engagement So Important? You may have a lot of stuff to market your brand, but what is your content worth without user engagement? It can be extremely demotivating to put in the effort and see no results. One of the first things that we tend to focus on when we join any social media platform is our follower count. There is no doubt that having a large number of followers makes your account look good. The number of followers also gives you a good estimate of how many people you can reach directly. Hence, the larger your follower base, the more users you reach. However, people can get caught up in increasing their follower base and neglect their user engagement. On Twitter, engagement is everything. By analyzing your engagement, you will be able to understand the relevance of your content. What works, what doesn’t work, why a certain post is getting more attention, and so on. Focusing on engagement will help you establish a relationship with your target audience. It also shows how successful you are to a passerby. What Does Engagement Look Like on Twitter? People can interact with your content on Twitter by liking (favoriting) your Tweet, responding to it, or retweeting it. They could also mention you in a separate tweet. You also know that there is interaction when someone clicks on a link that you’ve posted. This can also be termed as the “Click-Through Rate.” How to Increase Your CTR and General Engagement? Engage With Your User Interacting with your users is a good way of getting them to interact with you. You could follow them back, retweet their tweets, and respond to their content. This may not only increase your user engagement but will also make your brand seem more legitimate. Timing It is crucial to catch your user at the right moment. It is a key factor when it comes to determining how many users interact with your content. Posting your Tweet at a time where user activity is at its peak will help you maximize your reach. You could do some research and determine when your target user base is most active on Twitter and Tweet accordingly. Track the statistics on your user interaction to further understand when activity peaks. Catch Their Eye The visual element really matters when it comes to attracting the users’ attention. Among all the written tweets and links, your visual will stand out and draw attention to itself. There are a lot of ways by which you can add visual elements to your Tweets. You could use graphic infographics instead of presenting the information in a mundane written format. If you have to post a link, add a related visual to your Tweet. You could even post a GIF or a video to further increase your engagement with the audience. Use Polls Polls are a great way of boosting user interaction. You could come up with Polls on topics and questions that are relevant to your branding content. You could even include questions about your products and user satisfaction! This way, you get your valuable feedback alongside boosting your interaction. Utilize Hashtags Hashtags can affect your user engagement massively. It will increase your reach by connecting your Tweet with relevant topics. Hashtags make it easy for a user to find you when they search for that particular keyword. It also increases the chances of your Tweet being retweeted. Your Takeaway All the above-mentioned strategies are simple and won’t cost you a penny. All you need is a bit of time, and you will surely see an increase in your user engagement. Once you start paying attention to your user involvement, you will also notice that there are a lot of ways other than just the ones mentioned above to amplify user interaction. So go forth and Tweet! Robert Hunt is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at Source:

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Every program comes up with useful features so you can complete almost any task. Be it minor daily tasks or big commercial tasks, you can do it all with this software, both for personal and business use. They too have comprehensive help catalogs built into the programs in case you face any problem. Therefore, the MS Office suite basically has everything you require for running your business. Whether it is small or big, all types of industries can use the Microsoft Office suite of software programs. Furthermore, businesses can use MS Word for creating memos and publications. Therefore, all sorts of people and corporations can use this software, and that is why it is considered to be the most popular suite of programs. Visit now and get the Microsoft Office suite.