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by Andrew Wastson - Piatok, 28 august 2020, 3:56
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Much of technological breakthroughs on appliances followed after the invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison in 1879. A couple of years later, the brand Singer introduced the home electric sewing machine. This was followed by the lightweight electric iron as well as the “Thor,” the first electric-powered washing machine in 1901.

The first moveable vacuum cleaner was invented in 1905 but it didn’t perform well because it weighed 45 kilos. Three years later, the first electric coffee percolators appeared. In 1910, the electric stove, in-home electric refrigerator, and radios with tuners entered the market.

The residential refrigerator and dishwasher next appeared in 1913, followed by the automatic pop-up toaster in 1919 and the residential air conditioner in 1928. ( Source: ) Without the invention of this air cooling system, many of today’s medications may not have existed since they require a cool environment for storage.

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LDPlayer is one of the freshest and most mainstream Android emulators. It is a new emulator as compared to others in the market but slowly getting the spotlight as its features are overwhelming the users. This is a free Android emulator for PC gamers with a significant perception of core technologies, Android working framework, and Linux kernel. LDPlayer team has managed to make an overall extraordinary emulator thing. The virtual version of Android is run on your PC, permitting you to run Android applications while utilizing a PC that is likely a lot quicker than your mobile or tablet. With its multi-useful and swift UI design, and easy-to-understand settings, it performs superior to a genuine mobile.

There are plenty of genuinely fun games accessible on Android phones and tablets. Multiple games work with the keyboard and mouse as they do with a touch screen. Hundreds of games are on mobile-exclusive and not accessible for PC gamers. Admirably the players can now play most of the mobile games on the PC and laptops of their own choices by the use of emulators.

LDPlayer is an application that is designed like an Android platform to launch on the PC. LDPlayer is a free Android emulator. It enables the user to play Android games on the PC. It also empowers the users to run different Android applications on the PC. LDPlayer keeps on depicting an Android emulator that is ideal for playing and utilizing applications on the PC. More: cyber security degree  usb device not recognized

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by rudi anda - Streda, 20 máj 2020, 9:23
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Jaman sekarang uang yang terbatas bukanlah halangan kalian untuk mempunyai HP Xiaomi. apa lagi GilaGadget sudah menyediakan kumpulan HP Xiaomi 1 jutaan terbaik, yang akan membantu kalian untuk memberikan banyak pilihan HP Xiaomi yang harganya cuma 1 jutaan saja

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SD-WAN offers your business advantage over traditional MPLS networks. Let's take a look at some of those:
  • Dramatically impact the entire enterprise networking ecosystem. Geographic boundaries are erased
  • Visibility, scalability, performance, and control are enhanced.
  • SD-WAN comes with no bandwidth penalties.
  • Ability to cost-effectively mix and match network links according to content type or priority.
  • High level of security.
  • End-to-end encryption across the entire network, including the Internet.
  • All devices and endpoints are completely authenticated.

To know more: difference between mpls and sd-wan

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by Chris Mcdonald - Nedeľa, 10 máj 2020, 1:00
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Network optimization is a technology used to improve network performance in certain environments. It is considered a key component of the effective management of the information system. The network optimizing plays an important role as information technology grows exponentially as business users generate large amounts of data, and therefore consume large amounts of network bandwidth. Without proper network optimization, continued growth can tax the network environment or architecture of the organization involved.

The goal of network optimizing lies in the given set of constraints. Ensures optimal network design with lowest cost structure and free data flow. Network optimization should ensure the optimal use of system resources and increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization. Network optimization scans individual workstations to the server and its associated tools and connections. Large organizations rely on a team of network analysts to optimize their networks. Network optimization often uses traffic shaping, redundant data deletion, data caching, data compression, and streamlining of data protocols. Network optimization must be able to increase network efficiency without the need to purchase additional or expensive hardware or software.

Network optimization has many benefits. Useful for faster data transfers, such as bulk data transfers, disaster recovery capabilities, reduced bandwidth costs, and improved response times for interactive applications such as databases and software applications. It also improves bandwidth, improves application performance, and helps maximize network speed between remote locations.

The benefits of network optimization are not only visible and visible to information technology managers, but also to the end users of the organizations or environments involved.

Why is Network Optimization Important?

Network performance metrics, such as latency and packet loss, are key factors in determining the performance of online applications. Network engineers are increasingly interested in monitoring and managing network performance to ensure the highest quality of service.

In an integrated data center environment, traditional storage and I / O connections are highly interdependent with LAN and data communications. In general, the faster the processor or server is, the more likely performance problems will occur when waiting for slow I / O operations. As a result, faster servers require better connections and performance I / O networks. Better performance means lower latency, more IO operations per second (IOPS), and better bandwidth. This higher level of performance is required to accommodate different operations and application profiles and avoid bottlenecks and exacerbations caused by aggregation of data center resources.

Blade servers support traditional LAN and storage connectivity. However, they are also prime candidates for leveraging Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) as well as Integrated Network Adapters (CNAs) that support TCP / IP and TCP / UDP based traffic. This means that a single CNA (or, according to best practices, a redundancy and performance pair) provides the same functionality as traditional LAN or fiber channel adapters, reducing cabling complexity and providing valuable server expansion . Free up space. A single CNA card simultaneously supports traditional IP features via Ethernet, iSCSI, NAS, and Fiber Channel (via FCoE) to meet specific application needs while simultaneously implementing QoS and other features. You can CNAs too. they are flexible, as blade servers can be reconfigured from physical to virtual media, or IT changes must meet different application requirements.

Integrated Enhanced Ethernet Forwarding with FCoE support is capable of transporting TCP / IP based traffic while simultaneously transporting Fiber Channel traffic such as Fiber Channel Protocol (FCP) and Fiber Connectivity (FICON) over Ethernet. To provide. This is different from the current approach where Fiber Channel traffic can be assigned to IP using IP for remote long distance replication (FCIP). With FCoE, the TCP / IP layer is removed with the associated delay or overhead, but only for local use.

Bandwidth-optimized solutions help systems coexist in hybrid environments, improve backup or movement of distributed data, and access cloud resources. By moving data to and from remote or cloud-based backup services, bandwidth optimization can take the form of a reduced data footprint on source, protocol, and network technologies.

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Computer systems form an integral part of our life and we use it for almost everything. We use it to do daily grocery shopping, pay online bills and visit other important websites. Apart from this, it is also used for other personal uses and entertainment purposes. 

But have you ever imagined what happens when we use our PC for almost everything? Well, junk accumulates and affects its speed and performance, this eats away disk space making it slow and sluggish. 

A good registry cleaner tool is the solution to such problems. Windows registry is crucial for optimal system performance, but any broken or outdated entry may affect its normal functioning and deteriorates its overall performance. 

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by brock lee - Štvrtok, 9 apríl 2020, 11:09
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Many people are making the switch from a traditional hot water tank to a point of use or on-demand electric tankless water heater — and for good reason.

There are several benefits to using these systems in your home including monthly electricity savings, cheaper up-front costs and easy installation.

In general, these products are used as point of use solutions under a sink or for single appliance use. When you are looking for the best electric tankless water heater for your home, it’s easy to be intimidated by the many different models on the market.

Every home and homeowner is different, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide with tankless water heaters reviews to help you identify the right make and model for your needs
Stiebel Eltron’s flagship product, the Tempra Plus, is one of the best electric tankless water heater models on the market. With one of the highest GPM flow rates available at 4.0 GPM and the ability to raise the temperature 50F, this model provides the best performance you can expect from this type of heating system.

We love that even though this tankless electric water heater is the most powerful you can find, it is not much more expensive than a unit half its size. This makes the model all the worthwhile when paired with its modulating power technology and advanced flow control.

The Tempra Plus is one of the only one of its kind to also have advanced flow control. You can limit the amount of flow when hot water is not required, resulting in even more energy savings. Think of it as Eco Mode.

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Silicon Valley is a mecca of innovation; it's where some of the most historic technology breakthroughs have been made. Your company could be the next pioneer. Connect with SVICenter and launch yourself on the path to innovation leadership.

Since 2012, we have organized hundreds of study tours and education programs for corporate executives, business owners, board members of global businesses and government leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Leading Digital Transformation is designed for senior executives seeking inspiration, skills and knowledge on how to recreate their companies for the digital era. 

As a fully remote-ready organization we specialize in digitally delivering the best of Silicon Valley to the world. All of our executive immersion programs and innovation services are now available online.

Connect to Silicon Valley to meet the world's leading tech companies and learn the secrets of their success. All that, and more, with Silicon Valley Innovation Center