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by Milton Ray - Monday, 12 October 2020, 6:46 AM
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Anyone in the world

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Anyone in the world
Biotechnology is the study of organisms, biological development, microorganisms and growth. We can say that it’s a technical subject. If you pursue Biotechnology, then there is a lot to study. Students need to prepare themselves for lots of assignments. This course involves a lot of theory which includes past, present and future. Some students are not able to understand these concepts well and they also feel lack of time and information, so they move towards taking Biotechnology Assignment HelpStudents who have experienced the work of professionals, have always scored well and their concepts are much more clearer.

Main Areas under Biotechnology for which students take Biotechnology Assignment Help

According to our experts, following are the areas which mainly gets highlighted when we talk about biotechnology:
  • Bioprocess Engineering: includes the science of producing environmentally sustainable and biologically useful products for the fields of pharmaceuticals, agriculture and chemicals.
  • Bioinformatics: includes usage of mathematics, computer science and various other subjects to process and study biological data. We also provide bioinformatics assignment help so that you can score well in these topics as well.
  • Bio Robotics: it is one of the interdisciplinary fields which uses ecological information to study and then develop robots who can carry out biological functions.
  • Chemical Engineering: this area combines two fields of chemistry and engineering and bring them together for usage in manufacturing industries. It also has various sub-branches like bioengineering, nano-technology and fuel cells.
These were the main areas under biotechnology. My Assignment Services has a team of expert writers who are well aware of these areas and they prepare an excellent assignment. With our biostatistics assignment help, you can overcome any challenges in this topic.

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by Linda Helen - Thursday, 30 July 2020, 10:26 AM
Anyone in the world

The day starts very early in a student’s life and goes on till late afternoon. The day starts in a boisterous manner, but by afternoon, the student gets tired and looks forward to returning home. After spending so many hours in school and on the ride back home, there is just so much time left for the student to shower, have a snack, and start their homework. They may not even be able to afford an afternoon nap or rest. Students of this age need to go out and play as well. They need exercise and fresh air, but by the time they reach, they are so exhausted that they hardly gather the strength to do their homework. This puts forward the question, why do students find their homework burdensome?

  • The homework is too lengthy

As mentioned above, students have less time to allocate for homework once they get back home after spending long hours at school. Teachers assign the students a pile of homework that they have to submit the very next day. The moment the student gets back home, they know that if they don’t take out their work and start as early as possible, they may have to stay awake past their bedtime and finish all the work.

Every teacher gives some work pertaining to their subject, which accumulates to become more than what a student can manage. Thus, the student feels pressured by the teacher who is giving the homework. In case if they have not been able to complete all the homework, the student will copy from another student rather than face the wrath of the teacher.

  • Doing homework leaves no time for playing outside

Students want to spend their evenings outside playing with their friends. This is their time to unwind the days’ stress and play football or throw ball without any worries. Unfortunately, they have to spend that time indoors doing their never-ending homework.

  • Homework is uninteresting and boring

Homework is usually given so that students can practice frequently. Sometimes, the student may even feel that the enormous amount of homework given by the teacher is to save themselves from teaching. Homework can be lengthy like research work, which can take up any length of time. For example, endless and a countless number of questions are given in mathematics with the expectation that the more they practice, the better skilled the student will become.

However, it causes an adverse effect on the student. It feels like a burden and takes away the love of the subject. During a weekday after a long day at school, homework can only appear a burden in a student’s life. If the student is copying the work or getting an elder to do it, then it loses its futility. 

  • No feedback or marks are given

Homework is only given for the sake of being made to do work. It is not checked, nor is any feedback given. For example, a painfully written essay that might take a long time for students to complete may just be seen by the teacher but not read or awarded marks. Then the teacher will not put in the effort to read each and every one of the essays written by the student. They will, however, be sure to check if the student has done it or not. Homework is not awarded with marks, but there is punishment for not doing it.

Homework might be manageable if it were less, more interesting, and more rewarding, but it is with the dread of punishment that the student starts the work. If they are lucky, they can complete it by bedtime.

  • Lack of guidance in coping with difficult homework

The homework becomes a big chore for the student if they get stuck and do not have anyone to ask for help. There is no one to help them with their homework at home if they find themselves stuck. Sometimes the parents may not be available, or they are unable and unequipped to help with that particular homework. So, the best option left is to hire an assignment writing service that can help the student manage the workload effectively.

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by Keira Tayor - Tuesday, 28 April 2020, 12:58 PM
Anyone in the world

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Anyone in the world

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Anyone in the world

0.1 Apply Porters Five Forces Model to the Gaming scenario.

Porter’s five force model given in this assignment help online is exclusively used to study the market inorder to come up with an analysis that helps us understand the strategy or the conditions of the the market. It helps us show the 5 basic elements that make a market and can control the competitiveness of it. Below is the analysis on the basis of the case study that throws light on the Gambling scenario in China and the challenges Wynn Resorts faces, Wynn Resorts is a Las Vegas based gaming brand that managed to enter the markets of Macau (Lenssen et al. 2018).


Entry of new firms that may be a threat- Macau has provided concession contracts as well as Gambling licenses for the operation of its casinos. Wynn Resorts is one of the few that have signed it. They are deals which range for about 20 years and can be renewed or  may be given to a new casino operator as per the government’s wishes, that case when it comes to Wynn is not until 2026 as they signed a contract of sub concession with Melco in 2016. Thus entry of new entrants in the market is highly less anticipated for a few years considering even the renewable contracts of the rival firm. But in the long run if the concession/ Licenses are to go into the hands of the other, it still wont be considered as a problem for the already established casino’s because this industry needs a very high cost to start up (Aithal 2016).

Bargaining power of the Gamblers: Macau is the only place within China’s jurisdiction that have casino’s that are legal. Hence, taking into consideration the humongous population and only around 20 places that legally lets them game does not mainly give them any power. Though competition may arise inbetween the first but the constant demand from gamblers will easily let the firms chose their own customers one reason Specially being the Chinese’s admiration when it comes game of fortunes. Since the government even lifted the law where it did not allow Mainland Chinese citizens without a business or group tour visa, there has been a tourism boost and thus a gambling one too (Burns et al. 2016).

Bargaining power of the suppliers- One of the main limiting factors when it comes to casinos is their gambling tables, though there has been a noticeable increase in them, the Macau government had set a tap on around 5500 tables up till 2013 and annual increase in them which ranged from 3 to 5%. This is problematic as most of the gaming revenues are the ways of casino tables, especially the VIP tables. This might seem to be a problem for Wynn as it owns only 13% of VIP tables when compared to its rivals, which would be SJM (28%) also, Venetian and Melco (17% each) (Wu et al. 2015).

Rivalry in the Gambling business- When it comes to already established casinos they are general and easily available to the masses hence a customer can easily switch without incurring any cost for switching if they don’t stay on their toes by providing services of a certain caliber. As Wynn is Las Vegas based, it is mentioned in this assignment help online that it becomes comparatively more attractive to the masses as Las Vegas is basically the capital when it comes to the gaming industry. If they are to make proper use of the name, then it would definitely win over the others or the regional ones (Wu & J. 2017).

Threats when it comes to substitutes- As mentioned earlier it is easier for customers to switch between places that provide better facilities as there as innumerable choices and the most attractive ones win, this means there is relatively very high rivalry when it come to this particular industry. If the prices of one is too high for the service provide the customer can always find alternatives in this market. (Wang et al. 2016).


0.2 Institution Based View

On the basis of performance given in this assignment help online, as well as taking into consideration the productiveness as well as profit of any casino sectors which are single property players one has to note that Wynn sits at the top. Even though non gaming might not be a favorable expenditure for the Chinese it is know that the results that Wynn generates is a yield higher when it comes to mass, non gaming as well as VIP business. This is surprising taking into consideration that it has a low number of gaming tables as well as hotel rooms. It also seems low on the retail space when compared to that of Venetian (Rosenbaum et al. 2015). The competition in Macau though is always on a high considering rivals but an attitude like having patience to slowly wait and watch the victory Is the only way for Wynn as it seeks the approval of the government on the Cotai Land Applications. Cotai land area has a dominant presence of Venetian as they have promised to develop Cotai and convert it into on of Asia’s premier destination in gaming as well as Leisure. But uptil 2011 atleast Wynn owned only one casino in Macau which is very only 19 less than SJM who was leading with a 20 chain casino family. Though certain Wynn resorts might be attempting to build and have more phases, it is clear that Chinese government has a strict policy when it comes to using help of foreign construction workers on any site on macau, which in a way slows down the entire process of construction as the local set of skills is not enough to main a caliber they want to breach (Hancock, et al. 2016).


0.3 Resource based view

One of Wynn Resorts leader firms are in Macao. Wynn has also made a donation of around 25M to the foundation of university of Macau development, with commitments around 10M every year until 2022 (Lam & D. 2017). 

When it comes to the customers of Macao it is to be noted that they prefer gaming and shopping over other non gaming in house services provided like shows in the arena or restaurants which lead to limiting the costs that are usually incurred by making use of the non core business options. Hence the total revenue of Wynn Macau that belongs to its non gaming sector is just 10% of its over all revenue. As most of the developments that are focused in Macau are at a major level this revenue being so small does not help with the resources. Along with that even though there is a huge casino market when it comes to China, the government is trying their best to take down all Chinese wealthy associations which means reduction in the VIP tables and other high level services that they invest in thus lowering the profit as well (Chui et al. 2018).

It was also said in this assignment help online that when Wynn entered the casino business in Macau, the timing was perfect and along with it they also had around almost 3 quarters already paid for. The average price of property development in macau that it faced while building their first phase was around 1.1Billions US$, which paid for around 380 tables for gaming, around 46thousand retail space, not to forget the 1270 slot machines which rained over their 205,000 sq ft of casino space. This put them in position to easily attend to the upper end market. (Luo et al. 2016)


0.4 What has changed since the case study

One of the most noticeable changes in the gambling market in Macau would be the shift on the reliance of the VIP tables due to the corruption scene related to Xi. Major of the casino revenue now relies on mass market entertainment. The government at the same time is trying to increase its reach by considering enlarging business prospects by diversification and trying to go beyond just the casino’s being used for gaming rooms, they are trying to encourage events and exhibitions to be held there too. The main problem in the scenario is the anti-corruption campaign which has forced most of the Chinese gamblers to find other alternative destinations with casino, usually Philippines, Singapore and Manila. It still does not change the fact that Macau is China’s answer to Las Vegas. Seeing for a fact that China has not lost its admiration when it comes to games of fortunes especially when it comes to their middle class and the continuous growth of the class is enough guarantee for a steady supply (Luo et al. 2016).

However, when it comes to Wynn Resorts Macau, amidst the resignation of their Chairman due to the sexual assault allegations against him, it was expected for the firm to close down, However, it is noted in this assignment help online that the business is still seeing positive in its fundamentals and boasts of the team which has a sound business outlook thus remaining untroubled and winning (Chan et al. 2019).

Anyone in the world

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