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Typically, they are also known as fiber network technician and fiber network field technician. Fiber optics technicians can work in a variety of buildings, from large to multi-story office buildings to small houses. Following are the official responsibilities as a part of Fiber Technician Job description:

  • Setting up, troubleshoot, and retaining all fiber optic systems in businesses, private home, universities, and other administrations to ensure that they are working correctly.
  • Evaluation tests and repairing old or malfunctioning wires along with maintenance.
  • Technicians cut and splice fiber optic cables, locate problem areas to fix.
  • Generating sensors and executing inspections to make sure that the fiber optic systems do not have faults that could destabilize performance.

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The PC Technician will test the system performance by using software diagnostic packages. The professionals have to boot up systems from external drivers, operating systems, and diagnostic suites. They have to examine and evaluate the software test logs to locate the failed components. The technicians use electronic troubleshooting knowledge to debug failed systems. They use hand tools to disassemble, repair, and reassemble the computer and its components.

The technician will assist in maintaining a record of all monitors, keyboards, hard drives, modems and other peripheral equipment. The professionals are responsible for logging, reporting, and statistically monitoring PC performance. It is the PC Technician who examines and customizes configurations based on various platforms and operating systems. They have document occurrences of hardware failure, repair, installation, and removal.


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Whether it’s a large enterprise or SMB the requirement of desktop support engineer is required everywhere for better assistance in case of any malfunctions. They resolve the technical issues of a computer user. They ensure to make the user comfortable. As computer issues occur at any time, Desktop Support Engineers work a variety of shifts, including weekends.

Although they can virtually access client computers and mostly work from their office or desk, they may have to travel to the assigned field or site and server rooms to set up and fix client computer systems. In the world of Information Technology field, most companies demand contracts with large or medium-sized Information Technology organization.


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Field engineers are involved in almost every phase of any business. Their job involves various tasks, from acquiring data required to make decisions to preparing designs for long-range developments. As the number of businesses is increasing and more industries are being set up, the demand for field engineers is also growing. Being a field engineer is not easy, which is why here are some tips on how to become a field engineer with an innovative approach.

Networking is significant if you want to have a successful career. Most people say they have a huge circle of engineer relatives and friends from college, but that is not enough, and you need to go beyond that. While you are in college, try to attend lectures outside the core classes and don’t forget to introduce yourself to the visiting lecturers from the industry. In the industry, you should try to attend local professional meet-ups related to field engineering to expand your network.

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Even once you’ve found the person or people you need, the platform keeps on supporting you, giving you the ability to make mobile payments, track worker location, analyze their performance, and manage work orders.

Thousands of businesses across the world are already benefiting from the Field Engineer platform, and so could you. Field Engineer enables you to reduce recruiting costs while simultaneously only paying workers for the jobs that they do, eliminating the overhead of unproductive full-time employees.


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Finding a Palo Alto firewall engineer used to be a challenge. But now, thanks to Field Engineer, the process couldn’t be more straightforward. With us, you can find a security engineer who will help you install and maintain your firewall software on your organization’s computers and firmware on your devices.

Field Engineer is a user-friendly platform that enables organizations to connect to and hire Palo Alto certified network security engineers in real-time. No waiting for recruiters; no hefty fees.

The way the system works is simple. Your organization signs up to the platform, and then you post the jobs you want doing and wait for responses. Palo Alto network engineers will then send you applications for review, along with star-ratings, allowing you to select the people or person you want to do the job. It’s simple, quick and, thanks to the many features of the platform, easy too.


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Engineers need to be available round-the-clock to support mission-critical applications. They should have strong customer service skills.

Also, their responsibilities and duties include the following.

  • Devise, plan, deploy, and improve wireless networks from the beginning to implementation by collaborating with vendors, managers, and network engineers.
  • Understand client requirements to be able to cater to their appropriate needs.
  • Manage firewalls, such as Palo Alto, Juniper or Cisco ASA.
  • Handhold other in-house engineers to train them on wireless technologies, besides guiding other non-technical people.

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Application Security:
It is the process of using software and hardware to protect the applications from external threats. It emphasizes the developers’ responsibility in creating safe applications which are not prone to threats because APPs are widely accessible over various networks.

Network Security:
It aims at protecting the network usage uniting the network and data. These days, people are using machine learning to prevent threats, comprising both hardware and software.

Cloud Security:
Many firms are shifting to the cloud environment, it is a good practice, but in parallel, we should investigate its security aspects, as well. Here, the main concern lies in understanding the users’ behavior which is a daunting task.

Information Security:
It is an approach to defend the information suite from being misled. For this, we should maintain ultimate integrity and protection of business data. Besides, there are many other areas which should be provided with utmost security.

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Within the broad umbrella of IT Engineers, there are various fields, such as hardware engineering, software engineering, network engineering, and telecom engineering, among others, one can specialize in. They can also work as cloud architects, web developers, mobile application developers, etc.

IT engineers may have to travel frequently to the workplaces of the clients to diagnose, maintain or troubleshoot problems. They need to have excellent communication skills, as they have to coordinate with team members and interact with clients.

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They have configured and maintain computer networks, manage network security tools, such as an anti-virus, intrusion detection systems, firewall, adware, malware, etc., identify, fix, and document network performance issues, install and support telephones, VoIP, and other telecommunication devices that are networked, enhance the network for peak speeds and accessibility, implement, configure, and upgrade network software, including diagnostics programs, deploy and maintain emergency backup and retrieve quickly systems for vital network servers, and regulate user access to classified information to prevent internal security violations.

Administrators follow the ITIL process, including change management. They are responsible for creating and maintaining the standard operating procedures (SOPs) documents for all the assignments. It is the administrator’s job to interface with vendors and team members to troubleshoot hardware and software issues.

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