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87% of hackers say that scanners cannot find as many critical or unknown assets as humans. While 2019 was a record year for data breaches, the report found that hackers prevented $8.9B of cybercrime in 2019 and earned 38% more than they did in the previous period.

In the next five years, hackers are projected to prevent more than $55 billion in cybercrime for organizations worldwide.

“Hackers will always be one step ahead of AI when it comes to cybersecurity because humans are not confined by the logical limitations of machine intelligence,” said Jasmin Landry, top-ranked Bugcrowd hacker.

“For example, hackers can adapt four to five low-impact bugs to exploit a single high-impact attack vector that AI would likely miss without the creative flexibility of human decision-making.

“Experience allows hackers to recognize vulnerable misconfigurations that represent a true risk to organizations without all of the false positives that typically come with AI-powered solutions.”

The next generation of hackers are younger and neurologically diverse
Hacking as a profession is lucrative and highly attractive to young people, with 53% of hackers under the age of 24.

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Remarkably, the report uncovered that 13% of hackers are neurodiverse and possess neurological advantages that help them provide extraordinary depth and dimension in security testing. These unique strengths include exceptional memory skills, heightened perception, a precise eye for detail, and an enhanced understanding of systems.

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Network virtualization in computing is the procedure that separates the management plane from the control plane by combining hardware (such as switches and routers) and software network resources into a single, software-based administrative entity called a virtual network. This is often used in conjunction with software containers.

The virtual network simulates the functionality of traditional hardware; once a software-based view of the network has been created, the hardware is then only responsible for forwarding packets while the virtual network is used to deploy and manage network services.

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Additionally, software virtualization can be used to create network overlays — layers of network abstraction that run on top of the physical network. Storage virtualization — managing all storage as a single entity — is sometimes included as an aspect of network virtualization.

Currently, there are two types of network virtualization:

Internal Virtualization
Internal virtualization is designed to use software containers to replicate the functionality of a single network.
External Virtualization
External virtualization combines multiple local networks into a single “virtual” network to improve the network efficiency.
Many organizations are also taking advantage of cloud technologies to further their network virtualization objectives. Network virtualization in cloud computing follows the same basic idea, but instead relies on cloud-based resources to create a working virtual network.

Simply put, the question “what is network virtualization?” can be answered as the ability to run networks uncoupled from your hardware. This allows for certain advantages.



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A new report from the market research firm Futorium finds adoption of software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) is occurring at faster rates than initially appreciated. The research report now estimates $2.2 billion in SD-WAN platform and tools revenue will be generated by 2020, growing to $2.75B in 2021 and $2.5B by 2022. That’s a 130 percent increase from a year ago.

The report notes there are more than 40 vendors participating in a market that is going through several rapid transitions. Early on, the SD-WAN market consisted mainly of appliances that internal IT organizations would deploy in branch offices in place of a router. Those SD-WAN appliances enabled end users in those branch offices to connect directly to an Internet service versus forcing the organization to backhaul all their network traffic through a data center.

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It wasn’t long after the initial deployments that demand for managed SD-WAN services started to escalate. As always, traditional managed service providers and telecommunications carriers are involved in a pitched battle for that business.

Of course, providers of routers did not decide to simply roll over and play dead. In addition to building their own SD-WAN appliances, providers of routers ae also making SD-WAN software available on top of their router platform.

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Each one swears they have the “secret formula” for SD-WAN success. But now that everyone is rushing into the space, the competition will heat up and you’ll see things start to consolidate, as every market does when there are too many choices.

There are only four possible outcomes for all of these vendors in an oversupplied market. First, they could go big, get customers and go public, becoming a “traditional vendor”. Second, those with momentum can merge with other like-minded rivals to create a more robust competitive suite to take on the big guys. Third, they could have unique IP that a traditional vendor could acquire in their pursuit of building an SD-WAN suite. Or fourth, they could run out of runway before they get to a critical mass of either revenue or customers.

With more than a dozen companies fighting for market share and more joining every day, it will be interesting to see who ends up going down which path. While everyone seems to have their niche today, the long-term market will want a more comprehensive suite, not a series of niche products, so option two or three is the most likely long-term play for most of the companies.

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Computer science and computer engineering both play a pivotal role in building the technology that shapes the world. Furthermore, computer systems are rapidly becoming an integral component of not only our daily lives, but of the many systems and equipment that keep entire industries running. For example, services like Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping are only possible because Amazon uses sensors to monitor its stock in warehouses, and because the company uses software to carefully manage supply and predict demand.

But Amazon isn’t the only place where computer engineering and computer science come together. Whether considering pocket-sized devices like smartphones or massive industrial equipment like wind turbines, building any device with an embedded computer or software requires experts with both computer science and computer engineering education.

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Because nearly every industry relies on computing technology—from healthcare, retail, and renewable energy to transportation, gaming, and telecommunications—professionals with computer science and computer engineering skills are well-compensated. As of 2016, computer hardware engineers earned a median annual salary of $115,080, while computer scientists in 2017 earned a median annual salary of $109,075.

Professionals who wish to advance their careers or transition into one of these high-paying fields may consider earning a master’s degree in computer science or computer engineering. However, it is important to understand the differences between the two disciplines when deciding which path is right for you.

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At many companies, it can feel as if there are 100 miles between sales and marketing.

According to the State of Inbound report, fewer than half of marketers would describe their respective companies' sales and marketing teams as "generally aligned." That's a problem.

In HubSpot's early days, our marketing and sales executives started out on the same team, and luckily that collaboration has trickled down throughout the organization as it continues to grow. But it wasn't just luck, of course.

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That alignment -- which we call "Smarketing" -- is largely the result of a conscious decision to work together, set goals, and create agreements between both teams.

One of the most critical steps to aligning your sales and marketing efforts is creating a service level agreement (SLA). Traditionally, an SLA serves to define exactly what a customer will receive from a service provider. But SLAs serve internal operations as well, and sales and marketing agreements are among the most crucial.

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When it comes to cyber attacks, there is no silver bullet. You’ll never be sure when or how the next incident happens. But avoiding a costly crisis comes down to how you manage an attack before, during, and after it happens.

Consider these 3 key areas to a cyber attack response plan:

Preparation: A well-prepared team is essential for dealing with a cyber attack. A 24/7 monitoring solution can provide early warnings of cyber-attacks.
Response: In just minutes, your entire network can be destroyed. Coordinate with your team to develop a response plan to mitigate the risks of downtime and costs.
Recovery: Every crisis creates opportunities for an organization to respond effectively and to find areas of improvement.

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Ready to Take Cybersecurity Seriously?
As long as the internet exists, cyber attacks will continue to be an ongoing threat.

As a business owner, you may not have the resources and response capabilities to mitigate these risks. But with a Managed Service Provider like Strategy, our team of professionals can provide much needed external support in monitoring and maintaining your infrastructure while implementing a proactive risk management solution.

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Information Technology is the practical application of technology. A degree in IT engineering gives you knowledge of managing the company’s IT infrastructure and assets. Information Technology degree programs don't give you a detailed understanding of programming but they help you learn basic programming. Going forward, you can choose to specialise in areas such as database management, networking, or security.

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Job opportunities in Computer and IT engineering

IT and CS degrees can lead to similar jobs but the differences between the two are quite pronounced. A computer scientist should enjoy mathematics and software design whereas an IT professional should enjoy installing computer systems, using software and maintaining networks and databases. In general, the relationship between the two is quite close and interdependent.

Jobs for computer engineers

A computer engineering degree can get you jobs like programmers or software engineers. A Computer Engineering degree helps the students to choose the correct design patterns, algorithms and data structures for programs, but most students graduate knowing only one or two programming languages, usually C++, Python or Java. A professional software developer should know several other languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Python and Java.

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Companies of all sizes and in all sectors have been forced to adapt to a remote work environment overnight, regardless of whether they were ready or not. As this fast-moving shift to virtual business occurred, cybercriminals also adjusted their strategy to take advantage of the expanded attack surface, with the volume of attacks up by nearly 40% in the last month and COVID-19-themed phishing attacks jumping by 500%. The current situation is an IT manager’s worst nightmare.

This new remote work environment ushers in an entirely new security landscape and in record-time. Long-term solutions can be found in zero trust models and cloud security adoption, but time is of the essence. Organizations should act now.

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Traditionally, home Wi-Fi networks are used for less sensitive tasks, often unrelated to work: children play games on their tablet, voice assistants are activated to display the weather, and movies are streamed on smart TVs. Fast forward to today, and employees are now connecting to the office through this same network, leaving gaps for children or non-working adults who may also be accessing the internet via the same network. Lines are blurred, and so is security.

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Network+ is a well-recognized certification globally. This credential verifies individual’s ability to manage, design, and troubleshoot various wireless and wired networks. The certification process entails passing a 90-question exam (N10-006) on the configurations of wireless and wired network devices and other up-and-coming technologies.

Individuals with this certificate are in high demand all over the world. Within the last one year, entry level jobs that have been posted are about 5,500. If you have this certification, some of the jobs that you will likely come across include the following:

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Information Technology Technician
Helpdesk Technician
Information Technology Specialist
It costs about $285 to enroll for the Network+ certification. You can get sample questions online to help you prepare towards the examination.