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The Federal Government stopped spending R $ 10.2 million on the centralized purchase of software for the public service, according to the Ministry of Economy . The bidding for the purchase of office software subscriptions - text editor, tables, presentations, annotations and database - covered 128 federal agencies in 26 states.

In all, the government spent R $ 42 million. Among the agencies that adhered to the model are hospitals, regulatory agencies, Federal Institutes of Education (IFEs) and several units of the Armed Forces.

According to the Management Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy, most of the economy - R $ 5.5 million - corresponds to the reduction of procedural costs. By carrying out only one bidding process instead of 128, the government stopped spending R $ 44 thousand on each electronic auction.

The remaining savings, of R $ 4.7 million, refer to the discount obtained in the final price. Through economies of scale, the government gets a lower price when buying in greater volume.

IT Service Technician is a trained computer professional whose primary role in an organization is to help in installing and configuring system software and hardware.

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by Jack prabha - Wednesday, 20 January 2021, 12:21 PM
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We spent a lot of time here on this site looking at the highest paid antivirus packages, but we didn't spend a lot of time talking about free antivirus solutions. Part of the reason is that the free versions are based on their paid counterparts.

In other words: if you read the review of paid software that also offers a free version, you can safely assume that the level of antivirus protection is similar, except for the specific types of malware that the free version does not cover.

To create this list of the top free antivirus programs, we scan the top Windows 10 antivirus programs and select the ones that offer a free version, as not all provide this benefit.

Then, we analyze the performance of these suites in third-party detection tests. We also made sure that these experiments were not too heavy, because the last thing you want is a piece of free software that slows down your PC while running in the background.

In the end, our selection boiled down to these five antivirus packages.

Avast Free Antivirus
The Avast Premier is an antivirus program with very high rating. With the free version of this package, you can perform all virus scans.

Most of Avast's main protections are also available, such as scanning for new files added to your system, scanning for malicious behavior in installed programs, a web browsing shield and an email protection shield.

The Avast Free also allows you to preview your network and see the devices currently connected to your home router. In addition, the Avast password manager is available free of charge.

What you don't get for free is protection against phishing, the sandbox to separate suspicious files from your system, the Avast firewall and protection against ransomware.

The IT Analyst will collect information from end users about system performance. They over the projects and handle the upgrades, hardware, and software installations.

Avast is surprisingly useful in its free version and is one of the most flexible options on the market.

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by Jack prabha - Monday, 18 January 2021, 11:11 AM
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Engineering managers have a very different set of key skills than a member of a development team. Managers are often judged on the happiness and performance of their team and not on their personal contributions to the code.

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On your personal blog. Atlassian's Nyo describes 10 "horizontally related skills and attributes that engineering managers at technology companies need". This includes basic resources, such as finance and workforce analysis, but it also applies to more ephemeral skills, such as adaptability and entrepreneurship.

In addition to caring for his team members and being able to lead them toward predictable results and quality levels, Twitter's Caldwell sees gold star managers as having “some higher-order insights. They are not just running, they have some understanding of the business and the strategy of why things are done and how the company is approaching things ”.

Then there is the aspect of building work culture. While Maunder worked at rival credit rating agency Experian, he found a mentor in Damian Hughes, Professor of Organizational Psychology, who told him: “You only have one role as a leader: to create an organization where people thrive. The rest is very easy ”.

To achieve this, Maunder focused on building a safe space for his teams, where no one feels foolish when asking questions. "This can be difficult in technology, as there is a lot of introversion, so create that environment where people like to come to work and understand what they are doing, so the rest is easy".

To help develop these skills, a number of books appeared several times during InfoWorld's conversations with development managers, compiled loosely by Ovidiu Bute at Free Code Camp.

The IT Analyst will collect information from end users about system performance. They over the projects and handle the upgrades, hardware, and software installations. 

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Many companies, especially Brazilian ones, still suffer from the loss or exposure of corporate information, this being the biggest sign that shows that a company is in need of improving IT support .

With the popularization of the internet, the media reconfigured the market in new ways of buying and selling, such as the famous e-commerces.

IT technicians are required by most companies, as they offer support for computer systems. Being versatile, as they secure IT systems, troubleshoot problems and provide network support and so on, future looks promising for them.

Thus, it is essential that a corporation redirect its attention to the protection of its area of ​​data and information security, taking into account that IT can help in this regard.

This article was prepared in order to present some very important signs that appear when a company is in need of services in the area of ​​Information Technology.

It is necessary to know in advance the main causes of the loss of data and business information, and it is essential to invest in IT management to avoid loopholes that could leak content from within the corporation.

Process failures always show some very clear signs for management, some of which are listed below.

Lack of planning
And, any investment process is necessary in the first instance to plan how this procedure will be elaborated and with the IT area this method is no different.

It is necessary for the manager to understand that an efficient IT support is able to offer detailed business planning according to the needs of the corporation.

In this way it is possible to identify upgrades, maintenance and equipment changes, and it is essential to obtain a paid security service to guarantee the company's growth.

Therefore, IT support features several specialists who provide support to the company and offer different quality technologies to leverage the business.

Slow equipment
It is common that the process of initializing technological equipment takes time to occur if they are overloaded.

The main reason for this slowness is due to the moment of installing a software where it was configured to start with the machine's operating system.

This way the system becomes overloaded and takes time to start up, as it keeps trying to run several applications at the same time.

The IT team on these occasions ensures that new installations are made in the equipment in an appropriate manner in order to eliminate this delay, in addition to improving the performance of the devices and protecting them from possible viruses arising from poorly installed facilities.

Outdated devices
Obviously the time of use of a device is one of the determining factors for its time, since the older equipment ends up losing its efficiency, making the work of its users difficult.

This indication does not necessarily imply the replacement of equipment, but rather the performance of more frequent and in-depth maintenance in order to improve its operation and prevent future problems.

Data leakage on the web
One of the biggest problems for a company is having its data leaked on the internet, as this puts the integrity of the corporation as well as its entire finance and trade system at risk.

Thus, it is essential that the corporate database is protected by specific tools so that there is no exposure of information on the web or hacker invasion of the system.

Information technology has these protection mechanisms that aim to encrypt all company data so that they are not leaked or hacked.

Cost reduction
Another indication that suggests the need for the implementation of an IT area in the company is the high expense with processes that prove to be flawed most of the times when they are used.

In this way, IT aims to guarantee technology in business management and to implement methods and tools that assist in the cost reduction process.

One of the most used tools is to migrate all information to the cloud, in an encrypted form, thus ensuring a lower investment in infrastructure, labor and even energy.

Another widely used measure is the replacement of obsolete equipment with new, more technological ones that reduce maintenance costs.

Managing a corporation's information requires daily care to keep its flow up and running and increase employee productivity.

Therefore, a company gives clear signals that it needs to improve IT support when there is a delay in standard procedures or when it is spending too much on technologies that have already become too obsolete.

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Industrial dynamics demand more technology. The managers of this segment need a panoramic view of everything that happens on a daily basis.

From production to fiscal and financial control, through logistics, billing, suppliers, customer service, sales, etc., all of this requires a new look at technological resources and services.

Basically, it is necessary to have several modules of a business management system - or have several different systems to manage the most varied processes, cross data in a timely manner and generate information to make the best decisions.

This is where industries need a more strategic look at digital transformation.

The implementation of smarter strategies to optimize the resource and supply chain can improve the cost efficiency of resources such as energy consumption and worker safety, for example.

Excellence in services, based on solutions and methods based on digital transformation, is also essential. With connected devices and the internet of things, for example, the ways in which after-sales services are delivered can boost the bottom line of digitally transformed - and transformational industries.

According to many experts on the subject, some impacts of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry can already be seen.

By having a modern framework of solutions, services and resources, such as intelligent robots, drones, systems of high technical complexity (including artificial intelligence), sensor technologies, among others, companies in the manufacturing sector are able to:

- Improvements in the integration of processes through the combination of intelligent systems and applications (the entire manufacturing process may already be online);

- Gain more operational efficiency in product production, logistics, among others;

-Enhancement of innovation through the capture, ordering and rapid and accurate analysis of internal and external data (from the market, from social networks) to predict patterns of consumer behavior, for example;

-Better use of resources (inputs, tools, machinery ...);

- Significant cost reduction by combining scale gains in production and waste mitigation;

-More motivation of employees, who start to have their day to day work more intelligent and functional;

The Information Systems Security Engineer will research and investigate the potential impact of new threats and exploits. The engineer will guide the Information Security team in examining and developing networks security solutions.

- Gain customer satisfaction and, consequently, corporate reputation;

-Faster speed to respond to market demands and understand the movement of competition etc.

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Finally, it is interesting to think about how the person responsible for IT management who seeks to have more predictability should look at partnerships as allies in the challenge of predictability. This requires a change in thinking, since business relationships tend to be long-term in technology.

If until recently the suppliers of technological products and services were seen as an expense, now, increasingly, it is interesting to look at them as strategic partners.

With an even closer relationship, it is easier to exchange ideas and take wishes and difficulties for the service provider to propose solutions.

The Field Service Technician is the trained professional engaged in performing the field installation and its maintenances. 

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by Jack prabha - Thursday, 7 January 2021, 1:02 PM
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The digital transformation makes IT more than a sector that solves problems and "puts out fires". Today, its performance is capable of generating value for the business, optimizing the activities of other departments. However, to achieve this level, it is necessary to simplify IT processes.

Check out 4 tips to simplify the IT processes that can help your business.

Rely on subject matter experts
Every company has its particularities, its specific way of working. Therefore, there is not always time or manpower available in the IT sector to design a reorganization that simplifies the team's processes.

So, hiring a service management company can be a great solution. By transferring the responsibility for managing technological solutions to this partner, it is possible to reduce operational costs and allow your IT professionals to focus on activities that are essential.

Cloud services are good examples of this. Server management can be complex and cost a lot. With the migration to the cloud, you simplify the process and, in short, generate financial savings.

Establish cores in your team
Dividing the team into an operational and a strategic core allows you to more accurately direct the efforts of these professionals. While the operational team takes care of the demands brought by the other departments, the strategic seeks to anticipate technological trends and optimize processes and support or pull the business.

The Desktop Support Technicians are present almost in every industry or enterprise: Hospital, IT companies, retails, Pharmaceuticals, MSP (Managed Service Providers), Network Operation centers (NOC), as freelance providers like

The role of this team is, in short, to ensure that IT remains aligned with the company's strategic objectives. Therefore, it is important to establish a fluid communication with the Direction.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to generate more than $ 11 trillion by 2025, according to a McKinsey study. It is one of the main pillars of the phenomenon known as the “era of digital transformation”, which is in full swing in the corporate world.

In this article, in addition to understanding in depth what IoT is, you will also learn about its relationship with cloud computing.

Continue reading to understand the impacts of IoT and Cloud Computing on the routine of companies in the most varied segments and see how you can take advantage of these trends in your business!

SonicWall technical support engineers undertake systems administration on the latest operating systems.

What is IoT?
The IT glossary of Gartner, the largest information technology research firm, defines IoT as "the network of physical objects that contains embedded technology to communicate and feel or interact with its internal states and / or the external environment".

In practice, we are talking about connecting basically any device (any “thing”), via an on / off button, to the internet (or vice versa).

This includes just about everything we can imagine - from smartphones and tablets to lamps and office furniture, to machines and more.

On a broader scale, with the extreme connection, we will be able to reach the much desired "smart cities", which can reduce waste, organize traffic and improve fuel efficiency.

Gartner analysts estimate that by 2020 there will be more than 26 billion connected devices, which demonstrates that IoT is also a phenomenon.

In short, it is necessary to keep in mind that IoT allows, virtually, endless opportunities and connections, whose impacts we cannot even think or fully understand.

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IT management brings a number of benefits to the corporate environment. As it allows technology to be integrated into processes, it is able to mitigate risks and create competitiveness for the company based on several factors. See the benefits of adopting an IT management policy.

Reduces costs

With a well-structured IT management policy, it is guaranteed that the technology will generate more agile work processes and a greater use of available resources.

In other words, it's not just about incorporating technological tools and methods, but about using the IT infrastructure in a coordinated and strategic way!

Decreases errors and rework

As IT is integrated into the company's day to day, routines are automated and have fewer failures. That's because users know exactly how to use each system and equipment.

Without making mistakes, like overloading systems, professionals do not put IT support personnel out of work. With the operation flowing smoothly, supported by technology, reworks are also reduced. This creates a virtuous circle of productivity.

Increases reliability

The IT management policy also ensures that technological resources are optimized. This improves the performance of systems, networks and equipment, which increases reliability.

In practice, users are sure that the operation will not be paralyzed by a software failure, for example - a situation that usually generates financial losses.

Boosts efficiency

All of these benefits brought about by a good IT management policy culminate in better operational and strategic efficiency for the business.

The Cyber Security Specialist monitors systems for any unusual activities.  They conduct counteractive protocols and report incidents. 

With everything flowing in an automated way, with processes adjusted and without margins for improvisation, it is possible, for example, to increase the analytical performance of IT. Instead of focusing on problem solving, technology professionals can assist in strategic areas of data analysis, among other fronts.

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To close, we cannot fail to talk about those intentional “carelessness”, that is, malicious attitudes of people inside the institution and whose objective is to harm the company. To avoid this type of attack, it is necessary to think about a much bigger sphere than the simple care with devices and access passwords.

The company needs to create security protocols that are able to track activity and find the protagonists. Installing cameras in certain environments can also inhibit internal actions from being performed.

If your concern is the suitability of the teams, carrying out awareness raising work with HR is important, as well as developing methods of professional selection that are able to identify the profile of employees.

The manager is very important in this process, after all, sometimes an employee can decide to harm the company due to his discontent with the leadership or the company's policy. In this case, it is up to the leader to exercise his role in a positive way and always seek a broad and enlightening dialogue with his team.

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Gartner pointed out that only 42% of companies have some type of procedure to deal with insider threats, at the same time, the risk of this type of threat has been growing, which demonstrates that it is necessary to address this issue, create awareness of the teams and encourage a transparent work environment and populated by people committed to the company's ethics and vision.