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Virgin River is one of the most popular romantic drama streaming TV series. It is produced by Reel World Management. Virgin River premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019. The story of the show mainly focuses on Jack and Mel, but the show boasts various other worthy characters as well. Virgin River is a quirky and small town that includes several strange and unusual characters like Hope McCrae. The character of Hope is portrayed by one of the most talented actresses in the cinematic world, Annette O’Toole. Many times in the show, the audience found Hope endearing. In this article, we have discussed the five reasons why Hope is endearing.

Loves Doc

Doc cheated on Hope early in their married life, and thus, she was extremely hurt by him. Her hurt gets stronger with the passing time, and it becomes very hard for her to get over this. At the starting of the show, they have been shown as separated but good friends. However, they love each other. When it comes to Doc, he is really not interested in any other woman and also tries to make up for the past. Despite being hurt by Doc, Hope tries to give another chance to Doc by bringing Mel in order to help Doc. This shows how caring Hope has been throughout the series.

Values Her Friends

Sometimes, Hope seems to be a kind of difficult person by being uncompromising and harsh, but above all, she values her friends. Hope cares for her friends and will do anything that goes in their favor. Like when Hope’s friendship with Jack nearly comes to break, she becomes very sad and hurt. She also asks Jack to become friends again, but he says that it is not possible for him to trust her, and it hurts Hope a lot. However, when Jack asks Hope for help in order to find a bigger house for him, she quickly comes and starts bargaining in order to get the best deal for him. This shows that Hope really values her friends.

Is Capable And Strong

In Hope’s marriage with Doc, she does not have much to do other than playing the role of a wife. She would not allow herself for that role once again if they get back together. Hope being the mayor of Virgin River is incredibly capable of handling things of her own and helps her community a lot. She is the one people can rely on as she puts on fundraisers, events, and more. She is an excellent role model for females.

Gives A Lot Of Herself To Others

Hope McCrae is a caring woman and cares for her community a lot. She helps Jack because she is the kind of person who values their friends but in reality, she wants to help anybody. In the second season of the series, the niece of Connie comes to live in the town of Virgin River. In order to partly help Connie and partly for her pride, Hope meets with Connie’s niece and offers her a meal as well. It was not required, but she still did this, which shows she gives a lot of herself to others.

Reaches Out To Mel About Grief

When Hope gets to know that Mel is a widow and she is living in grief, Hope shares her own loss with Mel, so that she could connect with Mel. She not only shares her story but also listens to the story of Mel as well. She just listens to Mel and holds her hand instead of giving her some sort of advice or trying to fix things.

In this article, we have discussed the five reasons Hope is endearing and concluded that Hope is a kind-hearted and gentle woman who values her friends, is strong enough to make her own decisions. However, there are things that fans do not like about Hope, but her likable qualities make her more popular.


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WandaVision is going to be one of the most famous and super-hit TV series on Disney+. Marvel fans are already waiting to watch Marvel content from last year, and WandaVision looks promising in fulfilling the desires of Marvel fans. WandaVision shall be the first project of Marvel since the film Spider-Man: Far From Home was released. The characters Wanda Maximoff and Vision first appeared in the film Avengers: Age of Ultron. The viewers are eagerly waiting for this series to be released on Disney+ on 15th January this year. In this article, we have listed the five things to remember from the MCU before starting to watch the series.

Wanda And Vision’s Powers Come From The Mind Stone

In the MCU, it has been shown that Wanda Maximoff and Vision get their powers from the Mind Stone, which is one such instance where the film differentiates from its source material or comics. She acquires the powers from the Stone while experimenting with Hydra. She possesses various powers, such as flight, telepathy, and telekinesis. Vision has been created by Bruce, Tony, and Thor by using the same technology that Tony utilized for JARVIS. He also possesses various powers such as density manipulation, energy blasts, flight, and durability.

They Took Down Ultron

Wanda and Vision both made their first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through their first film. At the start, Wanda and Pietro, who is her brother, were accomplices of Hydra. Later, they get involved with Avengers after learning that the plan of Ultron is to destroy humanity.

Wanda Lost Her Brother In Sokovia

It is very sad that Wanda is the only Avenger who has lived in grief her entire life because of his brother Pietro’s death in the battle of Sokovia. Pietro sacrificed his life to one of Ultron’s bots in order to save the lives of a kid and Hawkeye.

A Conflict Between The Avengers

A handful of years back, the Avengers had divided ideology and viewpoints within their group, due to which their group broke up. It was all because of the mission that did not get success in Lagos. Captain America didn’t agree to accept the deal because according to him, the Avengers team was the perfect defense.

Wanda & Vision Were Together For Some Time

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown us the beautiful relationship between Wanda and Vision prior to the Civil War. But, after the commencement of the Civil War, the couple had to face its consequences. Wanda became a fugitive along with many other members of the team Avengers such as Black Widow and Captain America. Vision also went off the grid in order to spend some moments with his love Wanda.


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When any application or software attempts to make changes to the device, a User Account Control dialog box appears as a warning. The dialog box asks users if they want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes. If you want to stop this dialog box from showing up, then follow the directions mentioned below. Fix the File Registry Navigate to the Windows search section and input ‘cmd’ in it. Then hit the Enter key to invoke the Command Prompt. Once you get Command Prompt, right-click on it, then choose the Run as Administrator option. You should insert ‘sfc /scannow’ into it and press the Enter button. Now, wait to finish the scanning procedure and then reboot the system. Finally, every damaged file will be fixed on restart. Perform a Full System Scan In the Windows search section, insert ‘Windows Defender.’ Thereafter, press the Enter button to launch the Windows Defender. Go to the program’s left-hand side panel and click on the shield button. You should select the Scan options and pick the Advanced scan option. Now, look at the option of a full scan to start the full PC scan. Change UAV Settings in Control Panel Navigate to the Control Panel and open it on your system. After that, you should find the ‘System and Security’ option and select the Action Center option. Go to the left panel and click on the option of ‘Change User Account Control settings.’ You should scroll down to the ‘Never notify’ option. Now, hit the OK button and run the program once again. Make an Elevated shortcut to Bypass UAC Navigate to the Search section and input ‘Schedule Tasks’ in it, and press the Enter button. Reach the tab of Actions and select the ‘Create Task’ option. Beneath the tab of General, provide the task a name of the choice. You should mark the box of ‘Run with highest privileges.’ Continue by selecting the tab of Action and click on the button New. You should search for the location of the folder of the damaged program. Then select the tab of Settings and mark the ‘Allow task to be run on demand’ checkbox. Now, hit on the OK button. Go to the desktop and right-click on it, then choose the New option. Then click on the Shortcut option. Reach the wizard of Create Shortcut and input ‘schtasks /run /TN task name.’ You have to hit on the Next button and continue with the pop-ups to finish the process. Later, select the fresh shortcut and right-click on it, then choose the Properties option. Afterward, click on the Change icon. Finally, click on the desired icon and press the OK button. This is how you can box the warning dialog box in User Account Control.


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Humanity has heard about chatbots. But, 3D chatbots will be a new concept. Tech-giant Microsoft has come up with the idea of a 3D chatbot that can create a new revolution. Recently, Microsoft has filed a patent related to the 3D chatbot concept with the US Patent and Trademarks Office. This futuristic chatbot will be highly functional due to the process of creating an AI-based technology incorporated into it. This technology extracts a real-life person’s features using their social data, including pictures, posts, and voice. It is quite interesting to see and read such heavy terms in one place. Hence, it is essential to get a deeper understanding because, in this instant, curiosity won’t kill the cat. Let’s explore this arena more closely.

Latest Development

Microsoft filed a patent in December 2020 for a 3D chatbot. The patent describes and determines the likeliness of AI to embed an individual’s personality. It is possible to integrate the individual’s data by scrapping social media posts, emails, texts, letters, etc. Hence, as of now, it focuses more on the written data that works upon some set of characters. Once the data has arrived, a conglomeration of machine-learning algorithms will assess the pattern using rich Natural Language Processing libraries and creating bulky datasets to assign a character to the individual. After the character allocation is over, it will respond according to the traits embedded and added to it whenever the user interacts with the chatbot. Hence, there will be a presence of style and tone in the voice of the chatbot. There can also be specifically targeted dialogue delivery, thus ensuring to get more into realms of reality. 

More on Patent

One can access information related to the patent from the website of the US Patent and Trademarks Office. The patent consists of the flow-charts and basic functionality diagrams to express the working of the chatbot. It displays that the devices of the users or clients get connected to a network through pre-established communication protocols. These devices came into use when the user stores the data from these devices to the servers using the communication channels. Next, the input processing unit carries a user-interface application, data storing unit, index engine, and a chatbot engine to express or generate the response related to the interaction. The server starts receiving the request from the associated user for particular data. Then, it creates a social personality index of the user after reading the patterns and stores the same as a trained dataset. It then tutors the chatbot to understand the user’s personality, using which the chatbot engine sends a reply.

Life After Death

Some may start speculating that this technology by Microsoft can empower some of the old-school mythologies that believe in life after death. Some may feel that they have got the Resurrection Stone that Harry Potter had used in the second part of Deathly Hallows to call his beloved ones who were dead. It is because there are traces of the data available in the social posts of any individual who are no more present in the world. The AI chatbot can tap these data to regenerate those individuals’ voices with the possibility that it allows someone to live on after death.

Recreate Fictional Characters

The same can go with fictional characters. That means the user can actually converse with Jarvis, Ironman, or anyone of the user’s likings. There is written data available on various platforms. Also, it may happen that when Microsoft upgrades the AI-capability to extract data from videos and read the dialogues, the dataset can assign the characteristics in a different manner. So, one can recreate the exact voice style of an individual with the 3D chatbots in the future.


One of the biggest concerns that need to arise with that is whether there is a user’s consent to access the social data. Microsoft has not come out with a clear cut answer in the patent. It may hamper the user’s privacy and work as an intruder into the user’s realm of affairs anytime. Microsoft should come at the front to eliminate the dark clouds hovering with this problem. Also, the concerns of giving life after death may raise many eyes towards this issue.


What Microsoft is going to deliver is entirely a phenomenal innovation. Many medical technology stakeholders can come front to harness this 3D AI chatbot technology to tackle mental illness, especially to those who feel emptiness and loneliness. It can also raise the happiness quotient for many who welcome every new technology. This technology can reach its zenith when this 3D chatbot gets more realistic facets by incorporating data from videos and expressing the same using VR and AR. But, because it is currently at the patent phase, one cannot estimate the timeline when this technology can make space into the real-world with some products embedding it. 



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Wonder Woman 1984 is a super-hit film that includes various superstars such as Gal Gadot, Kristin Wiig, Pedro Pascal, and Chris Pine. However, there are still some unanswered questions left by these superstars which are confusing the viewers. Patty Jenkins is the director of the film Wonder Woman 1984 which is a sequel to the film Wonder Woman. WW84 includes a love story, moral lessons, and thrilling action scenes. Wonder Woman 1984 is a film that is mainly focused on the truth’s importance. This article lists the five questions that are still unanswered after the movie Wonder Woman 1984.

Didn’t Anyone Notice A Man Was Missing?

One of the most significant moments in the film Wonder Woman 1984 is the return of Captain Steve Trevor. In the first film, Trevor sacrifices his life in order to save other’s lives. However, he has been brought back in the film, Wonder Woman 1984, because of the magical powers of the Dreamstone. When Diana wishes for Steve to come back, he returns but in the body of some other man. But, in the film WW84, he is someone else.

What Exactly Are The Rules Of The Dreamstone?

According to the storyline, the Dreamstone is a wish-granting and magical artifact. In order to fulfill anyone’s need, it must be held into hands, and then one can grant the desired wish. Maxwell turns himself into the stone, but still, he could only grant a wish if he has direct contact with the person who is granting the wish. He told everyone that they need to enchant the words and the wish will come true, which is against the rules of the Dreamstone. According to the rule, the wish is limited to one, but somehow Barbara managed to fulfill her second wish. These instances from the film Wonder Woman 1984 have raised an unanswered question: why did the rules of the Dreamstone change suddenly?

Did The FBI Forget About The Dreamstone?

In the starting scenes, we have seen Barbara asking the FBI to look into the matter of Dreamstone. It was a big deal for her, and she got excited after hearing the news. But, after that, the FBI has not been mentioned again in the film. Wonder Woman stopped a crime and the Dreamstone was evidence of that scene, but the question arises why the FBI was not worried about the Dreamstone matter? It is another unanswered question for the audience.

What Was Maxwell’s Endgame?

Maxwell uses his one wish to become the stone, and it is understandable why he does this, while his endgame is not clear yet. In the film, he targets the oil tycoons because he wants to become the most powerful and richest man across the world and that is why he is running after the most expensive commodity in the world. However, he starts to grant a wish for everyone which is of no use for him, but it improves his appearance and health drastically, which is a bit confusing and does not make sense about his endgame.

What Other God-Powered Artifacts Are On Earth?

When Diana investigates, she realizes that the stone is powered by the god of lies and is a god-powered artifact. At that point in time, she explains to Steve how it works by using her Lasso of truth, which is powered by the truth. Similarly, the Dreamstone is powered by deception or lies. So, the question arises, if there are some other god-powered relics or gods that left their marks somewhere on Earth?

In this article, we have discussed the five unanswered questions that fans still have even after the film Wonder Woman 1984 and concluded that there are various matters that are still unresolved and leave you with several questions. This entry was posted in HollywoodNews and tagged DCEUWonder Woman 1984. Bookmark the permalink.



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Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browsers worldwide as it has ideal browsing features that you may not find on other browsers. However, when it comes to using Chrome on Windows 10 computers, many users complain that it uses a lot of RAM, CPU, and other system resources, making the computer completely unresponsive.

Even though it provides an excellent user interface and browsing features, many users openly criticize that it consumes all RAM and CPU, leaving no space for other applications to work. This is one of the most highlighted issues with the Windows 10 Chrome browser, and up till now, there is no reliable solution. Google is continually working to improve its performance on the Windows 10 operating system.

We have also noted that the browser sometimes becomes extremely slow on Windows 10 computers. Especially when we open multiple tabs on Chrome, it can make your whole computer significantly slow. According to various studies, the Windows Chrome browser utilizes RAM in a unique manner, and as a result, it consumes most of the RAM of your computer. Hence, whenever you want to use Google Chrome and other software on a computer simultaneously, your computer may become unresponsive. This happens because Google Chrome alone eats all RAM and CPU power of a computer. According to a recent report, the search engine ruler, Google, is trying to fix this issue so that users can flawlessly access Chrome on Windows 10.

Recently, we heard that the company is nowadays working diligently to fix the high RAM usage and the crashing problem of their Windows 10 Chrome. This news is interesting since it gives us encouragement to keep using Chrome browsers even though it sometimes misbehaves and malfunctions due to high RAM usage.

Chrome crashing and high RAM usage on Windows 10 is more common on low specification computers. The systems that run on low-grade processors often become unresponsive when Chrome is used. However, internet browsing shouldn’t be much RAM and resource-consuming, according to tech experts. Other Windows 10 browsers, like Microsoft edge and more, don’t consume RAM like Chrome. Google is trying to improve the algorithm of the Windows 10 Chrome browser so that it will not consume CPU RAM and other resources like it does.

According to the news, in the upcoming update of the Windows 10 Chrome browser, the company will significantly fix the high RAM usage and crashing issues so that users can fluently Surf the internet.

The news further explains that Google and Microsoft are working on troubleshooting the Windows 10 Chrome browser’s slow performance and crashing issues. Microsoft claims that the TerminateProcess feature of the Windows 10 operating system can help reduce the Chrome browser’s high RAM usage. If Microsoft is right in this statement, then we might be able to use the web browser correctly on Windows 10 in the coming days, even on low-end PCs.

Improved Stability

Google claims that it will now use a feature called TerminateProcess to fix the Chrome issues on Windows 10. This feature will help Chrome in closing unused processes effectively, improving the overall stability and performance of the browser. It will also fix some unexpectedly crashing issues on the web browser.

In other words, Chrome will perform better with its future upgrade on Windows 10. This new update will provide a better internet browsing experience for those who typically use various tabs at once on their browser. People would be able to use Chrome for prolonged periods without facing any slow performance even if they use multiple tabs simultaneously.

Temporary Solution

Until Google fixes the Chrome high RAM usage issue on Windows 10, we have some tips to help you temporarily fix this problem. Please consider these suggestions while utilizing Chrome on your PC:

  • First of all, make sure to close all tabs that you don’t need any more while surfing the internet using Chrome.
  • Disable or uninstall less vital extensions from your browser.
  • Clear your browser’s browsing data every day to keep your browser faster.
  • Try to close unnecessary applications and processes in the background.

If you implement these tips, you will be able to utilize your Chrome browser effectively without putting too much load on your RAM and CPU.

Nobody wants their internet browsing to be slow and rough with lots of technical problems. Everyone wishes that they can use their browser more fluently without any crashing issues. Therefore, all users appreciate Google’s efforts to make Windows 10 Chrome better.


We hope you are also happy with Google’s keen interest to fix the ongoing issues on its iconic internet browser. That is what we got to know about it, and we hope you have found it informative.



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As if the stories of Area 51 want to ooze out and show their real existence. Or, one day, a Thanos-like creature will come on Earth, challenging our existence. Many stories have floated regarding the aliens. The speculations regarding the same have created a series of probabilities when humans would interact with the aliens for the first time. However, it is the first time when one can say that there is a concrete and clear picture of the alien civilizations. It is different from the study done a week ago when scientists detected radio emissions from a distant exoplanet. Hence, it is essential to extract crucial inferences from the study.

Latest Development

Researchers from the California Institute of Technology, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, collaborated with the Santiago High School to expand the famous Drake Equation. This study presented the outlook of several factors that could establish the norms for habitable or Goldilocks zone. In addition to this, it focused on determining the presence of intelligent life that emerged in our galaxy. According to the observations of the scientists, there are some tenets as the attributes leading to the end of some of the civilizations. These attributes include radiation exposure, a halt to evolution, extreme climate change, war, and technological advancements. However, there are no concrete results that can give suggestions showing that the aliens have gone through self-annihilation. The scientists asserted their hypothesis and inferences giving better results due to the Hubble Space Telescope and Kepler Space Telescope. Both the telescopes provided lots of data about the densities of gases and stars present in the Milky Way galaxy. Apart from this, the telescopes have given details on star formation rates, the occurrence rate of supernova explosions, and exoplanet formation.

Inferences and Results

After the data modeling, collected from the Milky Way over time, the scientists evaluated the probability of life. It observed that there came a peak when there was an emergence of life about 13000 light-years from the galactic center. In comparison to this, Earth is 25,000 light-years away from the galactic center. The results also discussed the human civilization that evolved and developed on the planet’s surface about 13.5 billion years after the Milky Way formed. The scientists have published the results through a research paper, which is waiting for peer reviews.

Drake Equation

Frank Donald Drake, an American astrophysicist, and astronomer devised the Drake equation in 1961. The equation never had the very targeted purpose of formulating the number of civilizations formed after the universe’s evolution. It initiated and triggered the dialogue of search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). This equation summarized the necessary parameters that can consolidate the answer to the existence of other radio-communicative life. The equation skipped the determination to create the vibe to move ahead with the study as the equation has considered many estimations. The factors on which the Drake equation depends are:

  • The aggregate rate of star formation in our galaxy
  • The fraction of those stars having planets
  • The average number of planets that has the potential to support life per star that has planets
  • The fraction of planets supporting life and develop life at some instance
  • The fraction of planets with life that form intelligent civilizations and life
  • The fraction of the intelligent life and civilizations that develop a technology that can release detectable signs of their existence into space (by generating signals or emissions)
  • Amount of time taken by the civilizations to release detectable signals or emissions (belonging to the electromagnetic spectrum) into distant space

There has been an issue with quantifying the numerical values of the last four parameters. This issue arises because the range of values has many orders of magnitude.


Though it requires peer reviews, the study has opened the ways to study the presence of extraterrestrial life in distant space. The results may somewhere help humanity to understand the evolution of the universe. Also, it has expanded the potential of the Drake Equation that was in the phase of under-utilization. Even the results can scale-up the capacity-building measures to find more alternatives to detect the presence of aliens outside in space.

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Variety apologizes for sharing the wrong version of Tom Holland’s upcoming movie, Cherry’s poster.

Joe and Anthony Russo’s upcoming film Cherry is a crime drama movie based on Nico Walker’s novel of the same name. Holland is in the protagonist’s role alongside Ciara Bravo as Emily, Jack Reynor as Roy, Michael Rispoli, Jeff Wahlberg, Forrest Goodluck, Michael Gandolfini, Kyle Harvey Pooch Hall. The movie’s plot revolves around a PTSD patient and an army medic who becomes addicted to opioids and begins to rob banks to buy his drugs.

Russo brothers are behind the project. The duo is best known for their movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe- Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Avengers: Infinity War. Endgame is the highest-grossing film of all time and collected a gross of $2.79 billion worldwide.

However, Cherry will be different from superhero movies. It will have a more realistic and gritty tone. The film is like multiple movies in one. In one of the interviews with Collider, the Russo brothers shared that the movie will explore the protagonist’s fifteen-year life cycle. Each part is shot as a different film, which is connected in a way. Every chapter depicts absurdism, humor, brutal realism, and horror—each with distinct cinematic choices.

Cherry is scheduled to release on 26 February 2021 in theatres and stream on Apple TV+ on 12 March 2021. February release date would make the movie eligible for the awards season. Like any other award contender, the film has also released an advert in Variety’s trade publication. However, a small mistake invited unwanted jokes and trolls on Twitter.

On 23rd December, Variety shared a poster that mangled Cherry’s title, making it incomprehensible to read. The magazine then shared a new poster and called the previous one a “digital misprint.” It was too late for the damage control, and the audience already began to troll the poster.

A movie reviewer, Chris Evangelista, called the poster “appallingly bad” and wondered how it got through the quality control process. He wrote: “This is an appalling bad poster, good lord. Why isn’t the title centered? Why is the title apparently CHERRKK? What is happening? Tom Holland IS Larry Cherkk in CHERKK.” And he cracked a joke by writing, “You’re out of control, Cherkk!! Get out of my office!”

Deputy Entertainment Editor at Mashable, Angie J. Han, wrote, “you know it’s bad when you *know what the title of the movie is* and still can’t see how the logo could spell it.”

After a few hours, Variety posted the correct poster of the film and captioned it with an apology, “Variety apologizes for our mistake in the digital misprint of the ad for the film “Cherry.” This is not up to our standards. Here is the corrected version of the ad.”

The mistake was embarrassing for both the team of Cherry and Variety. The wrong poster has pushed the film into the social media spotlight, which gets it more negative publicity. The start of the movie’s marketing is not a good one, as the poster of the movie is the first piece of promotional material. Now since the team has released the posters, the teaser trailer might also be on its way.

The devoted fans are undoubtedly hoping that the film would be better than the wrong poster. The poster features Holland in a red background. The actor has a serious look on his face, and the color tone depicts the tension in the movie.

Holland has previously appeared majorly in superhero films, but the actor can carry the more dramatic movie. Cherry is one such movie that would explore the acting depth of the young actor.


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It is possible that apart from Tobey Maguire’s version, he is likely to face off against Tom Holland’s version as well.

Some speculations on the internet have suggested that the third installment in the Tom Holland-led Spider-Man franchise is likely to feature Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and Sandman (played by Thomas Haden Church).

Let us look into it.

However, if at all, this turned out to be an accurate prediction, we should adulate Marvel Studios. They have literally brought every old character in the MCU. Take my word for it; this multiverse storyline is going to fly.

Earlier, it was reported that Sam Raimi is in contact with the likes of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, and they are considering playing their version of Spider-Man in the upcoming Tom Holland’s Spider-Man film.

We cannot put it past Marvel Studio to cast Willem Dafoe and Thomas Haden Church in their respective roles as they have already pulled off miracle after miracle. First of all, Benedict Cumberbatch has affirmed that he will have a pivotal presence in the film and also in other projects, as he would be a key element in intertwining the multiverse storyline with the fabric of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Along with him, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are likely to be a part of the film, which is a very big deal. And Jamie Foxx has also been signed to reprise his role of Electro, which he had portrayed in the Andrew Garfield starrer Amazing Spiderman 2. Surprisingly, several news outlets have reported that Alfred Molina will also re-don the character of Dr. Octopus.

That’s a bit ambitious. Ain’t it?

Now, if there is no doubt regarding the casting of Alfred Molina, we can assure ourselves that Willem Dafoe and Thomas Haden Church are on their way.

Will Kirsten Dunst be a part of this too? Well, right now, anything is possible. And fans would surely love to see Dunst and Zendaya having a conversation.

Just imagine the budget of this film. Then again- money has never been a problem for Marvel, and after the gigantic success of the last two Avengers films, the financial issue is non-existent.

And Kevin Feige is ably leading the studio towards further success in the future. He is not sitting back after what has been achieved with “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.”  He has already confirmed that he has at least 20 films lined up in the Marvel Phase 4 and that I think the number does not include the list of miniseries and other projects that are arriving on Disney+.

If this does not satisfy him, Kevin Feige also has the likes of Charlie Cox’ version of Matt Murdock, Jon Bernthal’s version of Punisher, Krysten Ritter’s version of Jessica Jones, Mike Colter’s version of Luke Cage, and Finn Jones’ version of Iron Fist at his disposal. In case you are not aware, Netflix’s legal right over these characters was for only two years, and it looks like the time is up.

The fact is in congruence with a recent rumor that has suggested that Charlie Cox might appear in the third Spider-Man film as well, We should not get ahead of ourselves and start believing all the rumors. However, it is true that Marvel has a plan, and it is also true that the plan is ambitious.


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The Elric brothers, to get their mother back, committed the sin of human transmutation. They were punished for it and hence lost their bodies in the process. However, the Elric brothers were quick to accept their mistake and decided to make things right. Their innocent desperation might have pushed them to commit a sin, but they were brave enough to learn from it and move on. Despite being so young, they truly set an example even for adults. As they fought against Father’s master plan, their methods were much better than most characters on the show, including Colonel Roy Mustang.

Roy Mustang was an essential ally of the Elric brothers, but they had different ways of dealing with the challenge in front of them. The member of the Amestris military, Colonel Mustang, was not only with the Elric brother to help them defeat Father, but he had his sights on King Bradley’s position. He had always dreamt of being at the top, and after Father’s plans were revealed, it was the right time for him to rise to the occasion and establish himself as a leader. Although the Elric brothers were motivated by the desire to make a better world, the same can’t be said about Roy’s motives and actions, which mark him as an antihero.

The Elric brothers, after losing their mother, were disheartened. Their arrogance led to their downfall as they thought that they could bring their mother back to life. They were humbled by their failed attempt in which they lost their bodies. They now decided to seek balance in the world and get their bodies back without committing any sin. Their decision put them on a path that changed them, and they matured along the way. Roy Mustang went in the opposite direction, and his ambition forced him to make questionable choices.

Even though Roy Mustang is already a Colonel, he is not satisfied and wants more power and influence. Although Roy does have some good motives and wants to make Amestris a better place and take it in the right direction, his methods are on the border between villain and hero. While characters like Major Armstrong and Maes Hughes are more concerned about their loved ones, Roy, on the other hand, tries to use others for his ambitions. He even blackmails and uses dirty tricks to control people he thinks can help him and his goals. 

Roy does have the goals of a hero, but his methods are similar to that of a villain. He even considers officers close to him as mere pawns in a big game of power and prestige. Roy is very intelligent about moving all his pieces on the chessboard as he thinks that they lay down the path for his rise as the ruler of Amestris. It is this persistent planning and plotting that make him appear villainous on many occasions. He is often cold to those around him, and he is hardly concerned for his fellow companions who risk their lives for his plans. It seems strange that he does not think what if his friends get hurt but mostly wonders how his plans have been ruined and what he ought to do to fix things. 

Roy is cold when it comes to his companions on many occasions, but he can be a nightmare for his enemies. He is ruthless, and his fight with Lust, the assassin, proves how terrifying he can be. Roy uses flame alchemy and does not shy away from burning his enemies to cinders. Roy does not even try to make peaceful resolutions, and if he is angered, he will only stop once he has burnt down his enemies. When Lust injured him, Roy Mustang showed no mercy and cut the transmutation circle into his skin, and ruthlessly cauterized his wounds just to blast Lust to death. It was a brutal display of his powers and his recklessness once he was angry.

When he confronted Envy later, he did the same and enjoyed evaporating Envy’s tongues and eyes with his well-targeted alchemy. Envy looked helpless, and if Riza, Scar, and Edward had not intervened, he would have loved to destroy him. Roy had almost embraced the darkness within him and became a ruthless leader. His ends justifying the means made him a monster on several occasions, but he would be wrong to think that he was entirely a villainous character. Roy is very protective of people close to him, like Riza Hawkeye and Maes Hughes. He was enraged at Envy because of her role in Hughes’s death. He was also aware that it was homunculus like Envy who had triggered the Ishval Civil War, but the murder of his dear friend primarily fueled his rage.

However, Roy did not go entirely to the dark side, and he learned to get over the past. When his friend talked him out of killing Envy, he not only listened but accepted his mistakes. Roy later became humble as the fight against Father became more intense. Roy undoubtedly had a dark side, which made him do things that he might have later regretted, but he got over it, which created an antihero personality that some love while others criticize.