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Gaming technology has evolved a lot and while the days of bulky gaming consoles with unreliable cartridges have been replaced by sleek PlayStations and Xbox systems, everyone loves a trip down the memory lane. If you wish to know how to play your favorite video games of the past, explore the list of options that we have compiled for you.

  • Emulation

With the wide availability of PCs in the modern age and their high processing capabilities, PCs became the experimental platform where developers made emulators that simulated the same environment as a retro gaming console. Emulators are a platform for games to be played on and their wide availability along with a diverse option to choose from, makes them perfect for almost anyone to play classic games on their systems. You can customize keys and preferences, and the only thing you need to worry about is getting your hands on your favorite games in a digital format.

  • Remasters/Ports

Game developers always knew that classic games held more value to gamers than any new games. This is why many companies and developers have released classic video games in the form of remasters or ports. Remastered games allow you to play these classic games with updated platform support. This means that your cartridge games can now be played on your gaming consoles if your game developer has released a remastered edition of the game. The best alternative is provided by Nintendo which allows you to play a vast library of NES and SNES games on your Switch by opting for the Nintendo Switch Online plan that costs a mere $20 a year.

  • Compilation Consoles

There are dedicated compilation consoles that come with built-in games from the retro era. These consoles are a great way to play games as they support HD output and some unique features like the ability to save your progress in a game. If you lack the CDs or cartridges, this is the best way to get your hands on classic video games and play them on your modern TVs. Some of them include NES Classic, SNES Classic, Sega Genesis Mini, PlayStation Classic, and the TurboGrafx-16 along with some third party options that include the likes of Retro-Cade and Evercade.

  • Retro game systems

Third-party companies like Cybergadget, Hyperkin, and Analogue make cartridge-based systems for you to run your old games on. Most of the current gaming companies have stopped making cartridge-based consoles and a third-party gaming console may just be the cheapest and most reliable option that you could find. These consoles are easily available online and don’t cost a fortune like today’s gaming consoles. Make sure that you check all the compatibility criteria as there are different kinds of consoles available for different games.

  • Original consoles

What is better than paying the original game with the original gaming system that is supported? Original gaming consoles are a rare thing to find, however, through a glance on reselling websites like eBay or a quick drive to a thrift store may just land you the original console with a good condition. With a proper set of adapters, it wouldn’t be difficult to set a gaming console. Be careful as the cartridge-based consoles are a pain to get working and cleaning the disc systems can be tricky.

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Source: How to play your favorite retro video games again?

Anyone in the world

Harry Potter fans got curious after Warner Bros declared that the official Harry Potter store should be launching in place of New York City and that too this summer. It will be selling HP as well as remarkable Beasts merchandise to its customers.

Harry Potter is among the vastest franchises of all time, and it seems to be expanding even more. The movie section says that the third Fantastic Beasts movie is presently expected to release on November 12, 2021, with more installments planned after that.

This week, ‘Warner Bros.’ declared the making of the official Harry Potter store to the PR Newswire. The location of this store shall be New York City, nearby the iconic ‘Flatiron building’ alongside three huge floors. The Harry Potter store is going to comprise of an excellent collection of ‘Harry Potter’ as well as ‘Fantastic Beasts merchandise. Specifically, it shall be having wands and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. while side by the side, it shall also be having personalized robes.

The major excitement arose after the time SVP Worldwide Tours as well as Retail at Warner Brother where Sarah Roots said in a phrase that– it shall be having wonderful Harry Potter collection in the store and shall be among a worth going fan destination where Harry Potter lovers would like going. This store item is made so precisely and nicely that it will have the ability that it can take their fans to the magical imaginary world to Harry Potter hardcore fans. This store has a goal of opening this year during the time of summer.

The Harry Potter lovers are pleased that a store that has been entirely themed on the Harry Potter series is going to open soon. You might be knowing that the theme parks at ‘Universal Studios’ have achieved a lot of fame, and the primary reason behind it is that it offers the people to buy things such as wands after being part of it. It is going to be lovely the way this store will be bringing up the magical world items of Harry Potter in real life with the help of its related things. If it is the way it has been mentioned, then I am pretty sure that the Harry Potter fans will repeatedly be going to the store. However, it has been expected that the only point that can stop its fans from visiting it frequently is due to the high cost of the items of it.

Overall, the Harry Potter fans of all ages are curious to visit this upcoming Harry Potter Store that is going to open after some time.

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