1. According to what you know about the period and what you have read in the J.F.Kennedy´s inaugural speech, why do you think the speech is valued and remembered so much? Is there anything you would change or you miss from the point of view of a 21st century observer? Discuss the style of the speech.
  2. Write a news story about the Brown vs. Board of Education case from the point of view of a reporter being present at the court and observing the case.
  3. Compare the war conflicts in Korea and Vietnam and American involvement in both of them: what were the similar and different aspects?
  4. In groups, write a resolution similar to the Senate Resolution 301 censuring a person or a social or political phenomenon and in class compare your ideas and discuss them. Do you think that resolutions of this kind may have a real impact on the society?
  5. Find more information about Barack Obama, his policy, PR and public acting. In two groups (one being for him and the other one being against him), discuss his presidency from two opposing points of view – Barack Obama´s followers and oponents, regardless of what is your personal opinion.
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