1. Which wife is buried beside Henry VIII?
  2. Anne Boleyn was heavily pregnant at the time of her coronation in May 1533 with which future queen of England?
  3. Think back to the old rhyme, still used by schoolchildren to remember Henry VIII's wives: 'Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.' Who was his fifth wife, the second to be beheaded?
  4. It was not until the reign of Henry VII that tennis became popular at the English court. The king took the game up and as a result of his interest made a tennis-play at Kenilworth, and, in the next fifteen years, went on to construct courts at Richmond, Wycombe, Woodstock, Windsor and Westminster. Tennis formed part of a young Henry VIII’s education alongside hunting and archery. What were Tudor tennis balls made of?
    a) rubber, b) pigs' bladders, c) dog hair and leather
  5. Write an interview with Henry VIII, choose the main topic of the interview based on one of the aspects of his chequered life.
  6. Write a sport´s commentary on a tennis match between Henry VIII and his rival.
  7. Write a review on a film, play, or book where Elizabeth I appeared as one of the characters.
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