1. Complete this sentence: "The ___ never ___ on the British Empire".
    a) sun sets; b) lightning Strikes; c) rain Pours; d) clouds Gather
  2. What is the name of the first colony in North America?
  3. What happened as a result of the Irish Potato Famine?
  4. Queen Victoria's husband is widely thought to have introduced which Christmas tradition to Britain?
  5. Write an obituary for Prince Albert.
  6. Write two interviews with Queen Victoria, one at the beginning of her reign in 1837 and the second one towards the end of her reign in 1901.
  7. Which of these quotes is often associated with Queen Victoria?
    'Let them eat cake.'
    'Now is the winter of our discontent.'
    'We are not amused.'
  8. Imagine you are an editor of Victorian newspapers. What columns would it contain? Invent their titles.
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