1. Do MPs work in the House of Commons or the House of Lords?

  2. The duties of the Monarch of the United Kingdom still include summoning, proroguing and dissolving Parliament as well as appointing the Prime Minister and other leaders. However, the monarch performs these duties in accordance with ministerial advice. What assures that the King or Queen will adhere to that advice?

  3. A 'green paper' is the name of a government document which is usually the first step in creating or changing government policy.
    a) a white paper, b) a red paper, c) a yellow paper

  4. What is issued in response to a green paper?

  5. Match the following terms associated with the UK government with the appropriate information.
    represents one constituency =
    elected by the people =
    appoints ministers =
    monitors of the governing ministers =
    made up of the most important ministers =
    appoints the Prime Minister =
    national political party in Scotland =
    can only revise and delay bills =
    formed by the second largest party =
    formed by the party which gets most votes in an election =
    (cabinet, prime minister, opposition, shadow ministry, House of Lords, SNP, MP, House of Commons, monarch, government)

  6. Stricter immigration rules for working people have been adopted in the British parliament. Write a press release about the new law

  7. Write an introduction to an essay entitled Britain: apart from or a part of Europe?

  8. Write an investigative article about an affair of a member of royal family. 

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